What’s May Day All About?

What’s May Day All About?

Even if you didn't have the experience I had as a teenager going to summer camps where they sang the Internationale, the May Day demonstrations of 1886 and the subsequent Haymarket Riot have touched your life in ways you might not realize. The then-radical demand for an eight-hour workday gave rise ... [ more ]

Collecting Madeline


Helen Younger, a specialist in collectible children's books and illustrations, discusses points of the first edition of Ludwig Bemelmans' Madeline and how it has fared in the rare book market. Very few people who attempt to have a children's book published actually succeed in either getting it published or if published, having it sell well. One may be able to write a decent story but because he/she i... [ more ]

CBS News: Shakespeare’s Beehive


ABAA-members George Koppelman and Daniel Wechsler were featured on CBS Sunday Morning this past weekend. The booksellers belief is that they may have identified Shakespeare's personal copy of John Baret's Alvearie; or Quadruple Dictionarie, and they have published a book detailing their exhaustive investigation. We previously wrote about Koppelman and Wechsler's ground-breaking work in 2014...

Upcoming Event


The Boston Book Fair will take place October 28-30, 2016. More than 120 dealers from around the world rendevous every fall at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston’s Back Bay to display their latest...

October 28th, 2016 - October 30th, 2016

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