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The following list of items were stolen from a post office in the Sellwood district of Portland, Oregon during a break-in on Saturday, April 30, 2022. The books had been enroute to a Portland book dealer and were accompanied by an invoice stating their value. These items may be offered to bookdealers in the area, or to dealers that specialize in conceptual art. 

The books are:

1. Dieter Roth. Preisliste. Dieter Roth-Ausstellung Galerie Ernst Hannover 1969. 6 hectographed pages with illustrations drawn on the matrix by Dieter Roth. Stapled. - Original edition. - Signed and dated Hannover [19]69 by Dieter Roth in ink at upper right. - "The list is typed as a continuous text by Roth and decorated with small drawn illustrations. It begins: 'Once upon a time there was a man who sat on a sausage, one of the famous and notable literary sausages at 300 marks a piece, and he wrote'. Roth had the six-page story with illustrations and prices reproduced using a matrix. The text forms, as it were, the only surviving contemporary overview of part of this early group of works. In addition to the aforementioned literary sausages, several piles - one of which is doused in chocolate - the large-format collage book Snow (1969.54) and the smaller-format bookstore edition as well as the deluxe edition of Poeterei 3/4, the cheese and sausage objects play an important role here". (=Dirk Dobke: Melancholischer Nippes . Dieter Roth's Early Objects and Material Pictures (1960-75) Dissertation Hamburg 1997). - Due to the bad paper and the simplest printing technique partly more faded (especially 1st page). - Extremely rare. Even in this condition an important document from Dieter Roth's early work. Probably hardly still to be found. 

2. Hépérile eclaté. Camille Bryen - Raymond Hains und Jacques Villeglé. 16 Seiten. Original-Kartoniert mit Original-Umschlag. - Originalausgabe. - Künstlerbuch. - Eins von 300 handschriftlich nummerierten Exemplaren. - "Hépérile eclaté" wurde als "unlesbares Buch" konzipiert. - Mit dem beiliegenden gefalteten Verlagszettel. 

3. Bob Cobbing. Lame, Limping, Mangled, Marred & Mutilated. Collected Poems Vol. 9. 

4. Casserly, Lawrence & Bob Cobbing. Hydrangea. A Score of Improvisation for Voices, Instruments, Live Electronics and Light.  8-fach gefalteter Original-Leporello. -Originalausgabe. - Druck in rot und schwarz. - Künstlerbuch des experimentellen britischen Komponisten Lawrence Casserley. Text von Bob Cobbing. - Sehr Selten. 

5. Writers Foroum Pamphlet No. 1. January 1968. With contributions from Jeff Nuttall, Brion Gysin, Asa Benveniste, Paul de Vree und Bob Cobbing. 

6. Nannucci, Maurizio. Schriften 1964/1973 - Writings 1964/1973 - Scritture 1964/1973. Multiple folded sheet in original folder (66 x 100cm). - Original edition. - Enclosed: Artist's card "Poem" with handwritten lines by Maurizio Nannucci "Florence 30/10/1976" - Minimally stained at upper margin, otherwise good copy. - Rare. 

7. Kroklok Nos. 1-4 [Complete]. Originalausgaben. - Insgesamt erschienen 4 Nummern dieser Zeitschrift für konkrete und visuelle Poesie. - Herausgegeben von Dom Sylvester Houédard. - Beiträge von Ernst Jandl, Bob Cobbing, Paul de Vree, Paula ClaireFrancois Dufrêne, Raoul Hausmann, Henri Chopin, Eugen Gomringer, Brion Gysin, Sten Hanson und andere. 

8. Henri Chopin. The Chaines. Original Screen-Print. - (ca.36 x 46,7cm) Mit Bleistift unten rechts signiert und nummeriert. Links unten mit handschriftlich von Henri Chopin bezeichnet: "Mes voeux déchaînés de 1969" - Auflage 50 Exemplare. - Gefaltet 

Along with a few other items of a similar ilk. 

If you have any information on these items, please contact Adam Davis of Division Leap or Fredrik Averin at