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Received from a shop owner in Phoenix: A man brought some books to sell in each of our stores last Thursday(Sept. 23, 2010).  He then attempted to steal two of our books by putting them in his bag of books.  At our other location he attempted to take an Andrew Loomis book by putting in a pile of his own books. His description is: Caucasian, 50-55 yrs old,  200+ lbs.  Dark hair.  Wearing a dark suit, somewhat disheveled.  Dark colored Honda with Maryland tags FILLED WITH BOOKS.  His focus was Photography. He claimed he was traveling across the country and had stopped at several bookstores along the way. He actually gave us several booksellers' names as references before he arrived at our store. This man attempted to steal books from both of our stores and was smooth at stealing and presented himself as a somewhat knowledgeable but aloof book person.  He tried to steal amidst three employees and made his moves quickly after entering the store. He was allegedly heading toward SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA from Phoenix as of Friday, September 24.  Those who have open shops and specialize in Photography should be especially aware. Please contact ABAA HQ for further details.