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ABAA Member Jeff Weber has recently published a new book on the artists and binders of fore-edge paintings.  This reference work is entitled, “An Annotated Dictionary of Fore-edge Painting Artists & Binders (Mostly English & American). Part II: The Fore-edge Paintings of Miss C. B. Currie; with a Catalogue Raisonné” and has been 27 years in the making.  In the author’s own words:
“This book, for example, will correct a lot of misinformation, it seeks to define the role of each binder or artist individually, so that you cannot mix up the contributions of one or another painter/binder.  There is a lot of specificity to allow the reader to identify their own fore-edge paintings, if possible.  There is a good deal of time given to learning about how to find the history of a fore-edge.  I am very interested in, for example, the 19th century - and earlier - terms used for ‘fore-edge painting’ - a 20th century term!  Many times I am looking only for contemporary evidence of someone’s work.  I also don’t only deal with the obvious and famous binders that are well documented, but also those little own pieces that seem obscure…”
Fellow member Vic Zoschak brought the publication to our attention, remarking that the book is “quite impressive, to say the least.”

Congratulations, Jeff!

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Jeff Weber Rare Books

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