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Passages Bookshop (in Portland, Oregon) was broken into last night). A first rough estimate is that 100-150 books were stolen from smashed display cases.

Most of the books are rare and signed editions of poetry, literature, photography, and modern art. I have only begun to identify the missing titles; a first shortlist follows, and we'll send an update with additional details when possible.

In case anyone suspects that they are offered material from this incident, the police contact is:
    Officer Anthony Hill, Portland Bureau of Police
    Case number 20-1394

My phone numbers are:
    Cell: 503-233-4562
    Shop: 503-388-7665

Thank you very much,
David Abel

Books stolen from Passages Bookshop, 1/2/20.     List revised 2/12/20.

Complete and uptodate lists also at:

Additional stolen item added 02/12/2020

The following books, prints, and broadsides were contained in a TRAN brand black leatherette portfolio case, dimensions approximately 18 x 24 x 4 inches.

  • Cohick, Aaron (editor). REAEDR #1: WAR. New Lights, 2017. Narrow folio, saddle-stapled into printed wrappers. Risograph journal, printed in color throughout.
  • Maurer, Paul. Campo Santo. Passages, 1995. Hand-colored letterpress print with collage, edition of 75.
  • Moore, Michael. Two digital prints of drawings (with handwritten text) from Auto-Biographies. Wall Springs, 2013.
  • Pindar, trans. Ted Enslin. Gabriel Liston, illus. The Gods can do anything . . . Passages, 2017. Three-color silkscreen print.
  • Schlegel, Rob & Robert. or fact a formal treatment. Roll-Up, 2016. Signed & numbered portfolio of eight digital prints from painted collages.
  • Snider, Karen. Aunty Em on Binders. Salient Seedling, 1986. Corset-shaped letterpress broadside on handmade paper, with photo-etching.
  • van Coller, Ian. Great Zimbabwe. Doring, 2018. Black-and-white photographs, hand-bound in handmade-paper covered boards. Edition of ten signed & numbered copies.
  • Vassilakis, Nico. Diesel Hand. Chax, 2017. Digital and letterpress prints, sewn into oversize printed wrappers.

Items previously reported 1/14/20

Antin, David & Jerome Rothenberg, editors. Some/Thing 1-5. Five volumes total: #1, #2, #3 (two versions), #4-5. Both states of Andy Warhol cover for #3 (printed cardstock, and perforated gummed stamps). Handwritten note from David Antin to Jasper Johns laid into #1. Pencil code: 3662.

Auden, W.H. & Louis MacNeice. Letters from Iceland. Faber & Faber, 1937. First edition. Hardcover in dustjacket.

Auden, W.H. Secondary Worlds. Random House, 1968. First US edition, cloth in dustjacket. Signed by both Auden and dedicatee of book, Valerie Eliot. Pencil code: 3270.

Averin, Fredrik. 030315–070315. Artist’s book. Grey cloth folding box, containing approximately a dozen pamphlets, plus assorted objects.

Baraka, Amiri. The Black Nation: A Journal of African American Thought. Vol. 5, No. 1, 1968. Pencil code: 2807.

Beckett, Samuel. Poemes. Triada, 1979. Illustrated. First edition thus.

Bernstein, Charles. Artfice of Absorption. Singing Horse, 1987. Paperback. First edition.

Berrigan, Ted. Guillaume Apollinaire ist tot.  Marz, 1970. Paperback.

Berrigan, Ted. The Sonnets. United Artists, 1982. First edition thus. 1/20 copies in cloth, in printed dustjacket, unsigned. Pencil code: 3983

Berryman, John. His Toy, His Dream, His Rest: 308 Dream Songs. Farrar Straus, 1968. Hardcover in dustjacket. With annotations throughout by Karl Shapiro, used in preparation for a published review.

Blackburn, Paul. The Collected Poems. Persea, 1968. First edition. Cloth in jacket. Pencil code: 2320

Castañeda, Carlos. The Teachings of Don Juan. University of California, 1968. First edition. Grey cloth, without dustjacket.

Century Magazine, Volume LX, May­–October 1900. Quarter leather, gilt spine. Contains Nikola Tesla’s “The Problem of Increasing Human Energy, with Special Reference to the Harnessing of the Sun’s Energy” Number 2, June 1900, pp. 175–211.

Church, Henry, et al., editors. Mesures No. 3. Jose Corti, 1939. Square paperback in glassine jacket.

Clark, Septima. Echo in My Soul. Dutton, 1962. Hardcover, without dustjacket. Signed by Clark.

Creeley, Robert. Collected Poems, 1945–1975. University of California, 1983. Hardcover in dustjacket. Inscribed to Gene Frumkin.

Creeley, Robert. Collected Poems, 1945–1975. University of California, 1983. Hardcover in dustjacket. Inscribed. (Another copy.)

Creeley, Robert. In Company: Robert Creeley’s Collaborations. Castellani Art Museum, 1999. Perfect-bound paperback, with CD-ROM. Inscribed by Creeley to Gene Frumkin.

(Crumb, R.) The Last Supplement to the Whole Earth Catalog. Whole Earth/Realist, 1971. Cover illustration by R. Crumb, inscribed by Crumb (inside cover), “to Art” or “to Arthur”.

Dalgairns, Mrs. The Practice of Cookery. Cadell, 1850. Small hardcover.

Digby, John. Incantations: Poems and Collages. Stone House Press, 1987. Hardcover. 1/215 signed and numbered copies. In cloth-covered slipcase.

Digby, John & Hong Ai Bai. A Break in Passing Clouds: Improvisations on Chinese Poems. Cross-Cultural Communications, 2014. Hardcover. Signed/inscribed by John Digby and Hong Ai Bai.

Digges, Deborah. Vesper Sparrows. Atheneum, 1986. Hardcover in dustjacket. First edition.

(Doolittle, Hilda.) H.D. Trilogy.  New Directions, 1973. Paperback. From Thom Gunn’s library, with his signature and annotations throughout.

Dorn, Ed. Slinger. Wingbow, 1975. Hardcover in dustjacket, signed by Dorn.

Doty, M.R. An Alphabet. Alembic Press, 1979. Paperback.

Ekelof, Gunnar. Late Arrival on Earth: Selected Poems. Translated by Robert Bly and Christina Paulston. Rapp & Carroll, 1967. Hardcover in dustjacket. Inscribed in two colors by Bly. Pencil code: 0607

Embury, David. The Fine Art of Mixing Drinks. Doubleday, 1958. New revised edition. Hardcover without dustjacket.

Feldmann, Hans-Peter. Graz. Camera Austria, 2002. Paperback. Pencil code: 3542

Garnett, T. Observations on a Tour through the Highlands and Part of the Western Isles of Scotland. Cadell & Davies, 1800. Hardcover, two volumes; many engravings.

Graham, Dan. Video — Architecture — Television. Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, 1979. Paperback. Pencil code: 3698

Grant, Anne MacVicar. Memoirs of an American Lady. Boston, 1809. First US edition.

Gregory, Dick. Dick Gregory’s Natural Diet for People Who Eat. Harper & Row, 1973. Hardcover in dustjacket. Pencil code: SM.

Kruckman, Herb. Joey Meets His People. Hebrew Publishing Co., 1940. Small square hardcover. Inscribed by Kruckman.

Lowry, Martin. The World of Aldus Manutius. Cornell, 1979. First edition. Hardcover in dustjacket.

McShine, Kynaston. Information. Museum of Modern Art, 1970. Paperback. First edition.

Monkhouse, Patrick and Charles Plumb, editors. Oxford Poetry 1925. Appleton, 1926. Pencil code: 0746

Muhammad, Elijah. Our Savior Has Arrived. Temple of Islam, 1974. Hardcover in dustjacket.

Pepper, Art & Laurie. Straight Life: The Story of Art Pepper. Schirmer, 1979. Hardcover in dustjacket. Signed by Art Pepper, with signed note from Laurie Pepper. Pencil code: SM

Plowhead, Ruth Gipson. Lucretia Ann in the Golden West. Caxton, 1937. Hardcover. 1/10 specially bound numbered copies.

Prochazka, Theodor. V predvecer války: Z anglickych a francouzskych dokumentu. Melantrich, 1945. Square paperback; in Czech. Cover photomontage by Karel Teige.

Redding, Cyrus. History and Description of Modern Wines. Bohn, 1851. Small hardcover.

Ruscha, Edward (with Mason Williams). Crackers, 1969.  First edition, signed by Ruscha.

Ruscha, Edward. Real Estate Opportunities, 1970. First edition, signed by Ruscha.

Ruscha, Edward (with Mason Williams & Patrick Blackwell). Royal Road Test, 1971. Third edition, signed by Ruscha.

Ruscha, Edward. A Few Palm Trees, 1971. First edition, signed by Ruscha.

Ruscha, Edward. Colored People, 1973. First edition, signed by Ruscha.

Rot, Dieter. Gessamelte Werke / Collected Works, vol. 10. Hansjorg Mayer, 1970. Artist’s book. Wrapped in sculptural handpainted yellow corrugated cardboard jacket, signed (1/100).

Sax, Sam. Drown Yr Grief in Gold. Container, 2018. Unique object: painted and collaged Scrabble board, in original box, with title text spelled out in game tiles.

Smith, Patti. Patti Smith Complete: Lyrics, Reflections, & Notes for the Future. Doubleday, 1998. Hardcover in dustjacket. Signed. Pencil code: SM

Stratton-Porter, Gene. Freckles. Doubleday Page, 1904. First edition. Small hardcover.

Underhill, Ruth. Papago Indian Religion. Columbia University, 1946. First edition. Hardcover in dustjacket.

Van Sant, Gus. 108 Portraits. Twin Palms, 1993. Hardcover in dustjacket.

Waplington, Nick. Living Room. Aperture, 1991. Hardcover in dustjacket. First edition.

Webb, Lou & Jon, editors. The Outsider, Vol. 1 No. 1. Loujon, 1961.

Yukei, Teshima. Rhythm of Light: The Calligraphic Art of Teshima Yukei. Dokuritsu Shojindan, 2001. Large square paperback.