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The Raab Collection is currently offering a three page letter penned by William H. Herndon, one of Abraham Lincoln's closest friends, that offers unique insight into Lincoln's religious beliefs.  Historians have had little substantiation on this topic since Lincoln refused to discuss religion and did not belong to a church.  In his 1866 letter, which was written to the current clerk of the House of Representatives, Edward McPherson, Herndon writes that "Mr. Lincoln’s religion is too well known to me to allow of even a shadow of a doubt; he is or was a Theist - a Rationalist, denying all extraordinary -– supernatural inspiration or revelation".  Please click here to read the full article on CNN.  

Congratulations to The Raab Collection on acquiring such an important historical documnet!  

Letter from close friend offers rare glimpse into President Lincoln's 'theist' beliefs The Raab Collection