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Missing in Transit to NYC:
Dodgson, Alice’s Adventures in  Wonderland, New York, Appleton, 1866, finely rebacked, boxed with:
Dodgson, Through the Looking-Glass (ink presentation to Rose Franklin, Christmas, 1871)

Emerson, Essays 1st & 2nd Series, 2 vols., Boston, 1841, 1844, Estelle Doheny copies, boxed
Emerson, Nature, Boston, 1836, boxed

Poe, Eureka, New York, 1848, cloth, spine ends repaired, boxed
Wharton, Decoration of Houses, 1897, boxed
Wharton, Italian Villas, 1904, boxed

Wilde Reading Gaol, London, 1898, trade first, slipcase
Wilde, Ravenna, Oxford, 1878, half morocco, wrappers bound in
Wilde Poems, London, 1881, vellum
Wilde Soul of Man, London, 1895, boxed
Wilde, Salome, London, 1894 Harpo Marx bookplate
Wilde, Children in Prison, London, 1898, boxed
Wilde, De Profundis, London, 1905, cloth box

If offered, please contact:

Henry Wessells
James Cummins Bookseller
699 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10065
tel 212.688.6441
cell 917.561.8890