We roundup the latest catalogs of rare books and ephemera from ABAA members for May 2016. Enjoy.



Charles Agvent

126 BOOKS FROM THE LIBRARY OF POET WILLIAM MEREDITH -- All 126 items in our new catalog are from the library of William Meredith with nearly all INSCRIBED to the poet. Writers include Vonnegut, Updike, Ginsberg, and many luminaries of poetry. William Meredith began writing while a student at Princeton University where he wrote a senior thesis on Robert Frost. His first volume of poetry, LOVE LETTER FROM AN IMPOSSIBLE LAND, was selected by Archibald MacLeish for the Yale Series of Younger Poets in 1944. He won a Pulitzer Prize in 1988 for PARTIAL ACCOUNTS: NEW AND SELECTED POEMS and a National Book Award in 1997 for EFFORT AT SPEECH. From 1978 to 1980, Meredith was Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress, the position which in 1985 became the Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress, the first gay poet to receive this honor. He died in 2007 at the age of 88.


Bromer Booksellers CatalogAlphabets -- "In this e-catalogue, we are hoping to show the rich diversity that can be teased out of this basic building block of language. We are offering everything from an elaborately carved teacher's pointer from the early 19th century, to a stunning illuminated manuscript alphabet by Jean Midolle, the Swiss master of chromolithography. The catalogue runs the gamut from folios to miniatures, along with works on paper. Nor are we limiting this exploration to the Roman alphabet: exemplars of Hebrew and Arabic may be found here as well."



Brian Cassidy catalog

Catalogue Eleven -- Focusing on archives, collections, photographs, manuscripts, albums, scrapbooks, and other primary materials. Over sixty items illustrated in full color, highlights include: the archive of storyteller and folklorist Diane Wolkstein; a collection of letters and related materials from modern dance pioneer Ted Shawn; several holograph set-lists from several early Hüsker Dü performances; a substantial run of the prisoner-produced magazine The Angolite, with related correspondence; the research and publication archive of R.A. Wobbe's bibliography of Graham Greene; a beautiful archive of over 600 images from the Scranton Lace Company; hundreds of pages of White House memoranda and related documents from LBJ pollster Fred Panzer; a rare original photo album documenting the construction of the Madeira-Mamore Railroad by official project photographer Dana B. Merrill. Plus much more.

Brian Cassidy catalog 2

Catalogue X -- Over 100 items of original art, association copies, photography, poetry, artists' books, little mags and the mimeo revolution. Highlights include: two issues of Wallace Berman's SEMINA; an important association copy of David Markson's WITTGENSTEIN'S MISTRESS; the dedication copy of John Ashbery's collection THREE BOOKS, inscribed to Jane Freilicher; Jim Carroll's first book ORGANIC TRAINS; complete runs of: the groundbreaking design magazine NEST, the seminal punk zine SEARCH AND DESTROY, and the influential L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E; original photographs of the Sex Pistols, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and the Yippies; a selection of original works from noted graffiti and street artist "The Reader"; a small collection of vintage flyers from Ed Sander's The Fugs, as well as other Fuck You Press materials; and important associations from Max Ernst, Sonic Youth, Piero Heliczer, Ray Johnson, and others.

E-list: "No Nukes is Good Nukes" -- Focuses primarily on the anti-nuclear movement, with a touch of cold-war paranoia thrown in.
  • Spring Catalog -- 113 items, in two slightly overlapping sections - art, including artist books and photography, and modern literature, books and manuscripts.
  • E.B. White -- The extensive E.B. White collection formed by Jeff Adams. 

J&J LubranoThe Paul J. Jackson Opera Collection Part V: M -- Autograph Letters, Signed Scores, Printed Music, Books, Programs, Drawings, Posters, Prints, Photographs & Related Ephemera.



E.M Maurice Books
  • Catalog 54, Spring 2016 -- Catalog 54 includes exciting new arrivals such as: An author inscribed copy of Natalie Babbitt's modern day classic, Tuck Everlasting; a beautiful copy of Will Bradley's Peter Poodle, Toy-Maker to the King; a signed copy of Make Way for Ducklings, Eleska's gorgeous hand-screened cloth book, I See; an inscribed copy of Little Farmer by Lois Lenski and a gorgeous, near fine copy of the Eleanor Brickdale illustrated Idylls of the King by Tennyston. As always, the new arrivals are accompanied by a selection of great books from our inventory. Thanks for looking!
R&A Petrilla catalog


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  • Buddhism Buddhism in all Asian countries and cultures, from books or items printed 770 A.D. to the 20th century. Art, culture, religion and Sutras.
List 305: Sporting Books & Manuscripts -- 110 items including hunting, fishing, mountaineering, golf, baseball, and related bibliographies
Garrett Scott, Bookseller
  • Occasional List 33: Get Schooled -- 47 interesting and unusual items having to do with education, including Emma Willard’s sister turning to the lottery, or a student at Gettysburg College publishing satirical reviews of the professors of 1882, or an epitome of eccentric free speech on campus.
  • Occasional List 32: Things Could be Better -- 48 interesting and unusual items that suggest things could be better, either because the material is driven by some utopian intent or springs from some dreadful circumstance.

50 Artists: Bookworks under $100 -- Books and broadsides under $100. A variety of structures from pamphlet stitch to star carousel. A variety of printing methods from offset to letterpress. A variety of subjects from flora and fauna to voting. 






Yesterday's Muse



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