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Book Fairs are back! After two years without an in-person fair, the ABAA has been able to safely hold two so far this year with Boston coming up this fall. California and New York by all accounts were a success for exhibitors and customers alike, with New York particularly robust for sales and visitors, and exuberant crowds and attendance at record levels. At the height of the pandemic, some feared that Virtual Book Fairs would overtake in-person fairs in popularity. VBF’s have been complementary, especially for those sellers and customers who are unable to travel, but are not replacements for in-person fairs as is apparent in these photos from the two events. Profile photo: Sunday Steinkirchner at the New York Book Fair, photo by Meredith Nierman.

NCC Book Fair Committee triumphantly opens the Oakland Book Fair! L to R: Alexander Akin, James Bryant, Mary Hill, Michael Hackenberg, Laurelle Swan, Ben Kinmont, and Beverly Garcia-Garst. Photo by Joseph Driste.

aGatherin' at Oakland Book Fair.

aGatherin' in Oakland, photo by Joseph Driste.


Laurelle Swan awards the California Young Book Collector’s Prize to Stacy Shirk. Photo by Joseph Driste.

David & Caroline Brass.

David & Caroline Brass in NY, photo by Meredith Nierman.

Kiley Samz, Rootenberg Rare Books.

Kiley Samz (B&L Rootenberg), photo by Meredith Nierman.

Megumi Hill, Jonathan A. Hill.

Megumi Hill, photo by Meredith Nierman.

Miranda Garno Nesler, Whitmore rare Books.

Miranda Garno Nesler (Whitmore Rare Books), photo by Meredith Nierman.

Michael Jennings, Neatline Antique Maps.

Michael Jennings (Neatline Antique Maps), photo by Meredith Nierman.