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A significant number of items from the Samuel May Collection (The Samuel May Jr. Library contains materials relating to abolition, women’s rights, temperance movements and religion, dating largely from the mid- to late nineteenth century) at Becker College appear to have been stolen. If you are offered any of the items below, or if you may have information on the whereabouts of any of these items please contact: Garrett Eastman, Director of Libraries, Becker College at 508-373-9709 or

Author: Chace, Elizabeth Buffum, 1806-1899
Title: Anti-Slavery Reminiscences
Publish info: Central Falls, R.I., E.L. Freeman & Son, State Printers, 1891
Descript’n: 47 p. 22 cm; olive green hardcover, gilt lettering Inscription: Signed by author: “Samuel & Sarah Russell May from their affectionate friend, E.B. Chace.”  

 Author: Frothingham, Octavius Brooks, 1822-1895
Title: Gerrit Smith: A Biography
Publish info: New York, G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1878
Descript’n: 381 p. front. (port.) 2 pl. 21 cm; green hardcover, gilt lettering Enclosures (3): 1. Letter from Frank J. Garrison to Samuel May Jr.:

“Rockledge, Jany 2, 1878 My dear Rev. May, I sent you by express yesterday at Father’s request a copy of Frothingham’s Life of Gerrit Smith, which he desires you to accept as a New Year’s token of remembrance from him. I hoped to send the book on Monday, so that you might receive it yesterday, but it did not reach me in time. Father went to New York, ten days ago, to spend the holiday fortnight with Fanny & her children. He is enjoying himself very much there & seeing many friends, besides going to a concert, art-gallery, etc., now & then. He expects to return home next Saturday. With best regards & wishes to you & all your family.  I am always, dear Rev. May Very faithfully yours, Frank J. Garrison.”  (provenance) 2. Rectangular greeting card, adorned with two blue robin’s eggs, fern fronds, and a sign reading ‘A Happy New Year!’  The back of the card bears the initials “W.L.G.” and the date, “1878,” in black ink. 3. “New Books.” New York Evening Post. Book review of “Gerrit Smith: A Biography” by Octavius Brooks Frothingham. (newspaper clipping)

(3 copies) Author: May, Samuel J. (Samuel Joseph), 1797-1871
Title: Some Recollections of our Antislavery Conflict
Publish info: Boston: Fields, Osgood & Co., 1869
Descript’n: viii, 408 p. 19 cm Inscriptions: 1. In first copy:

Inscribed by S.M. to his grandson: “Joseph Rufsell May, with the love of his Grandfather, S.M. September, 1869” (the first “s” in “Russell” is an “f,” following the old style) 2. In second copy: Inscribed by S.M. to Dr. Edward Flint: “Dr. Edward Flint  with the regards of his friend Samuel May of Boston, (when in his 93rd year.)” 3. In third copy: Inscribed by S.M. to his grand-daughter: “Adeline May with her Grandfather’s love. September 1869”

Author: Danvers Historical Society
Title: Old Anti-Slavery Days. Proceedings of the Commemorative Meeting, Held by the Danvers Historical Society, at the Town Hall, Danvers, April 26, 1893, with Introduction, Letters and Sketches.
Publish info: Danvers: Danvers Mirror Print, 1893.
Descript’n: xxvii p., 1 l., 151 p. port. group. 24 cm; black hardcover Note Information about S.M. on pp. 101-103 Edited by A.P. Putnam Inscription: Inscribed “J. Rufsell May Oct. 1893”  

Author: Axon, W.E.A. (William Edward Armytage), 1846-1913
Title: …The Story of a Noble Life: William Lloyd Garrison, The Liberator
Publish info: London: Partridge, .
Descript’n: 160 p.: port.; 19 cm; brown hardcover, picture of a slave breaking  his chains on the front; Onward Publishing Office on the back Inscription: Inscribed “Samuel May Leicester  from the author Nov 1890” Enclosures: 1. Temperance pamphlet

       Author Axon, W.E.A. Title The Claims of the Temperance Movement Upon the Educated Classes: A Paper Read at the Autumnal Meetings of the Lancashire and Cheshire Band of Hope Union Held at Wigan, October 12th, 1889. Publish info London: Partridge, . Descript’n  11 p.; slim pamphlet 2. Temperance pamphlet Author Brotherton, Joseph Title The First Teetotal Tract on Abstinence from Intoxicating Liquor. Publish info London: Partridge, 1890. Descript’n 14 p.; slim pamphlet

Author: Garrison, William Lloyd (1805-1879)
Title: The Words of Garrison: A Centennial Selection
Publisher: Cambridge: Riverside Press, 1905
Description: x, 137 p. : port. ; indigo cover, gold lettering Inscription: Inscribed “Adi & Bessie May, With the abiding affection of Frank & Theresa Garrison, Sept. 1905”
Enclosure: “One of Boston’s Great Names.” Boston Herald, Sept. 27, 1905.  Book review of “The Words of Garrison …” by unsigned. (newspaper clipping)     

Title: The Legion of Liberty! and Force of Truth, Containing the Thoughts, Words, and Deeds, of Some Prominent Apostles, Champions and Martyrs
Publish info: New York: American Anti-slavery Society, 1857.
Descript’n: 336 p.: ill., ports.; 19 cm; dark brown hardcover Inscription Inscribed “Sam May from R.F. Wallcut” Enclosure: Postal card, dated Oct. 26, 1889, from New York; address written

in ink “Rev. Samuel May Leicester Mass.”; also written in pencil on the side of the front “J.Q. Adams 4 g (?) (write C.K. Whipple)” “Orange  Oct 25/89 You will find the J.Q.A. (?) passage on p. 158 of W.P.’s “The Constitution a Pro-Slavery Compact,” 3d ed., 1856, embodied in an Address of the Exec. Com. Am. A.S.S.  As it is dated May 20, 1844, the Bridgewater Address is ruled (?) out, & I have no present clew to the owner (?). Brednordge (?) ‘Legion’ 83  W.P.S.”

Author: Pillsbury, Parker, 1809-1898
Title: Acts of the Anti-Slavery Apostles
Publish info: Concord, N.H.: , 1883
Descript’n: vii, 503 p.; 20 cm; dark blue hardcover Note: Some marginalia, notes on back pages, presumably by S.M. Inscription: Inscribed by the author: “Samuel May the gift of his friend Parker

Pillsbury Nov. 20, 1883.” (and what looks like “1.50”) Enclosure Pamphlet – “A Reminiscence of Anti-Slavery Days” by Horace McGuire. Read before the Rochester Historical Society, October 27, 1916.” Written in black ink on the front: “A. (?) May from Susy, rec’d Nov. 6 1916 read aloud & wished ‘there was more’” “Put in ‘Acts of AntiSlavery Apostles’”

Author: Sanborn, F.B., ed. (Franklin Benjamin), 1831-1917
Title: The Life and Letters of John Brown, Liberator of Kansas, and Martyr of Virginia
Publish info: Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1885
Descript’n viii, 645 p. illus., 3 port. (incl. front.) 3 facsim. 21 cm; dark green hardcover Inscription “Sam May” is written in pencil, along with “dsp/3-“   

Author: Brown, Wm. Wells, M.D. (William Wells), 1814?-1884
Title: My Southern Home; or, The South and Its People
Publish info: Boston: A.G. Brown & Co., Publishers, 1880
Descript’n: vii, 253 p. illus. 20 cm; green hardcover, gilt lettering     

Author: Brown, Wm. Wells, M.D. (William Wells), 1814?-1884
Title: The Rising Son; or, The Antecedents and Advancement of the Colored Race
Publish info Boston: A.G. Brown & Co., Publishers, 1885
Descript’n x, 555 p. illus. 20 cm; light brown hardcover Enclosures 1. Small piece of brown paper, bearing three stamps (one 2 cent, one ten cents), canceled with “A Boston Mass” 2. Letter to the Editor from Wm. Wells Brown: “A Night in the Hands of the Ku-Klux,” Boston, Sept. 28, 1871 (newspaper clipping)    

Author: Holtzclaw, William H. (William Henry) (1870?-?)
Title: The Black Man’s Burden
Publish info: New York: The Neale Publishing Company, 1915
Descript’n: 232 p. front., plates, ports. 21 cm   

Author: Johnson, Oliver, 1809-1889
Title: William Lloyd Garrison and His Times; or, Sketches of the Anti-Slavery Movement, and of the Man who was its Founder and Moral Leader
Publish info: Boston: Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1881 Edition New, rev. and enl. ed
Descript’n: xxvi, -490 p. front. (port.) plates. 21 cm; blue hardcover Notes: Book is covered in a plain brown wrapper, with “William Lloyd

Garrison   O. Johnson” in faded ink on the spine Extensive quotations written in black ink in the back, perhaps by S.M. Inscription “Sam May” is written in pencil Enclosures 1. A slip of paper, presumably cut from S.M.’s newspaper: “The Anti-Slavery Reporter  Office: 55, New Broad Street, London, E.O…  Revd S. May Leicester Mass U.S.A.” 2. “O. Johnson’s Reply to an anonymous writer – (undoubtedly Elizur Wright, & so it proves) Boston Sunday Herald April 10/81” (this written in ink at the top of a newspaper clipping entitled “Anti-Slavery History, Recollections by the Author of ‘Garrison and His Times.’ Significance of the Famous Streak Letter. Why It Was ‘Nuts’ for the Garrisonians” 3. Review of this book from The Nation Feb. 12, 1880 (newspaper clipping) 4. Review of this book from the “Adv.” (Advertiser?) Jan. 30, 1880 (newspaper clipping) 5. Clipping from The Liberator Dec. 1, 1865, explaining the decision of the editors to cease publication 6. Letter from the author to S.M.: “10th Madison Avenue, New York, Nov. 25, 1881. My Dear Friend May, Your last note gave me peculiar pleasure. The commendation of my book received from the surviving friends of the great struggle to which it relates outweighs with me all other tokens of its worth, and there are few whose critical approval I esteem so highly as your own. I do indeed venture sometimes to think the book has a substantial value, and that it will be esteemed more highly fifty years hence than it is now. It is a comfort to feel that I have done something to bring out into clearer light the character of our beloved and revered Garrison. But I often regret that I did not give more time and research to it. I see many ways in which it might be greatly improved. But it is too late.

Author: Wilson, Henry, 1812-1875
Title: History of the Rise and Fall of the Slave Power in America Vols. I-III
Publish info: Boston: James R. Osgood and Company, 1872-1877
Descript’n: 3 v.; red hardcover (v.2 faded), gilt lettering Inscription In Vol. II: “Samuel May Leicester 1874” In Vol. III: “Samuel May Leicester 1877” Enclosure: 1. Letter pasted into the front of Vol. I:

“Washington Ap 26 72 Samuel May Esq Dear Sir Please accept the enclosed order for a copy of my history, which I beg of you to accept with my kind regards. Very truly, H Wilson” 2. Review in Vol. II of this book from unknown journal July 20, 1874 (newspaper clipping)

Author: Clarke, James Freeman, 1810-1888
Title: Anti-Slavery Days: A Sketch of the Struggle which Ended in the Abolition of Slavery in the United States
Publish info: New York: R. Worthington, 1884
Descript’n: 2 p., -224 p. 19 cm; brown hardcover, gilt lettering Note Some marginalia Inscription: “Samuel May from J.F.C.” Enclosure: “No Union with Slaveholders” by William Ellery Channing (newspaper clipping, n.d. or journal name)   

Author: Southwick, Sarah H.
Title: Reminiscences of Early Anti-Slavery Days Privately printed, 1893.

Author: Bradford, Sarah H. (1818-?)
Title: Harriet: The Moses of Her People
Publish info: New York: Geo. R. Lockwood & Son, 1897
Descript’n: 149 p. 18 cm 

Author: Garrison, William Lloyd, 1805-1879
Title: Helen Eliza Garrison: A Memorial Publish info Cambridge: Riverside Press, 1876
Descript’n: 70, p. 21 cm Inscription “Samuel May and family. With the affectionate regards of W.L.G.”   

Author: Wyman, Lillie Buffum Chace (1847-1929) and Arthur Crawford Wyman (1879-?)
Title: Elizabeth Buffum Chace 1806-1899: Her Life and Its Environment, Vol. I-II
Publish info: Boston: W.B. Clarke Co., 1914
Descript’n: 2 v.: fronts., ports., plan, facism.; 24 cm Inscription In Vol. I: “May Leicester Mass January 1915” Enclosure In Vol. I: Review of this book pasted into the front of the book, “Our Boston Literary Letter” , journal unknown.     

Author: Stoddart, Anna M.
Title: Elizabeth Pease Nichol (1807-1897)
Publish info: London: J.M. Dent & Co., 1899
Descript’n: xi, 314 p. front., pl., port; lime green hardcover; gilt lettering Series Saintly Lives Inscription Card pasted in the front: “With affectionate good wishes for the 4th of September 1900—E.G.M. Adeline May”

Enclosures: 1. Pamphlet on Eliza Wigham, celebrating her death, reprinted from The Friend of Nov. 10, 1899 2. Unidentified print of a bonneted woman 3. Letter in black ink on pale purple paper from Mary A. Estlin in England: “Durshane (?) Down. Bristol Sept 6 1869
Letter to Adeline May from M. Moore: “7 Park Road Richmond Hill Surrey  18 Mar. 1905   7. Outline of E.P. Nichol’s life, with a mention of this book, from The Inquirer, Dec. 23, 1899 (newspaper clipping)

Author: Weld, Theodore Dwight, 1803-1895
Title: In Memory, Angelina Grimké Weld: Born in Charleston, South Carolina, Feb. 20, 1805, Died in Hyde Park, Massachusetts, October 26, 1879
Publish info: Boston: Press of G.H. Ellis, 1880
Descript’n: 81 p.; 23 cm; dark brown hardcover; gilt lettering Note “Printed only for private circulation.”   

Title: Ann Phillips, Wife of Wendell Phillips: A Memorial Sketch
Publish info: Boston: Printed for Private Circulation; Cambridge: Riverside Press, 1886
Descript’n: 24 p., 2 leaves of plates: ill.; 20 cm Inscription “Samuel May – from Mrs. Alnord(?) and F.J.G. December, 1885” 

Title: William Lloyd Garrison, 1805-1879, The Story of His Life Told by His Children, Vol. I-IV Publish info New York: The Century Co., 1885 Descript’n 4 v. ill., ports; 24 cm; dark blue hardcover; gilt lettering on spines

Inscriptions: 1. “Samuel May’s  The gift of the Children of W.L.G. October, 1885” (in Vol. II) 2. “Samuel May – Leicester – 1889 from Mr. Garrison & sons, the authors” (in Vol. III) 3. In Vol. IV: “Samuel May” and pasted beneath: “From a letter of Dr. Henry J. Bowditch, dated Aug. 7, 1889 Enclosures: 1. In Vol. II: Index card; typed upon it is: “The official ‘Life and Letters’, written and edited by the two sons of W.L. Garrison. Vol. II” 2. In Vol. II: Advertising sheet for this book, including press notices. 3. In Vol. II: Typed copy of a letter by Helen E. Garrison to Miss Caroline Weston (see below for insertion instructions). 4. In Vol. II: Memorandum from Houghton, Mifflin and Company, written 6/22/89: “Good bye, dear Mr. May: I enclose my English address, from which all letters will be forwarded to me.  Affectly, Frank J. G.” 5. In Vol. II: A letter from Frank J.G. to Adeline May, typed on Houghton, Mifflin and Company paper, dated Nov. 17, 1899 “Dear Adé: A letter from Alfred Webb this morning announces the 6. In Vol. III: index card; typed upon it is “Title Page Picture of William L. Garrison is from a daguerreotype taken in Dublin in 1846.” 7. In Vol. III: envelope addressed to “Adeline May Box 45 Leicester, Mass.” 8. In Vol. IV: A letter written on stationary from “The Nation,” dated Oct. 8(?), 1889: “Dear Mr. May: Pardon my faulty reference. It was the extract from the Bridgewater 9. In Vol. IV:  print of Sam May Jr. (may have fallen out of its place in the book) 10. In Vol. IV: index card; typed upon it: “The picture of Rev. May was that taken in 1874, the one most often used in print. Vol. IV” 11. In Vol. IV: Review of this book in the Boston (?) Daily Advertiser, Dec. 10, 1889 (newspaper clipping) 12. In Vol. IV: Article on W.L. Garrison in The Evening Post, Feb. 28, 1907 (newspaper clipping) 13. In Vol. IV: Letter from Frank J. Garrison to S.M.: “Rockledge, Jan. 7/90 Dear Mr. May: At Wendell’s suggestion I return this letter to him thro’ you, It was highly respectful & admirable in its view of Mr. Garrison” 14. In Vol. IV: Letter from John Henry Barrows to S.M.: “2957 Indiana Ave Chicago Nov. 12, 1889 Rev. Samuel May, My Dear Sir: I wish to thank you for sending me the circular regarding 15. In Vol. IV: Obituary notice for Wendell P. Garrison in The Evening Post, Feb. 18, 1907 (newspaper clipping) 16. In Vol. IV: Copy of “The New Voice” for Jan. 21, 1899, featuring “An Intimate View of William Lloyd Garrison,” by his son William Lloyd Garrison 17. In Vol. IV: Letter to Frank J. Garrison from S.M. (n.d.): “Dear Frank – I was about write to F.G.V., when it came across my 18. In Vol. IV: Letter from S.M. to (William Lloyd?) Garrison, dated May 21 (with “1877” written in later in pencil) “Boston Monday p.m. May 21, 1877 Dear friend Garrison, I must write you a line, to tell you that I have just come from the funeral services of Edmund Quincy. 19. In Vol. IV: Program from the funeral of Edmund Quincy (selections of scripture) 20. In Vol. IV: Letter from Frank J. Garrison to S.M. (written in a different hand (presumably S.M.’s) at the top are the words “  *written from my house after reading a recent letter to me, from Mary Estlin”

Author: Birney, Catherine H.
Title: The Grimké Sisters: Sarah and Angelina Grimké, The First American Women Advocates of Abolition and Woman’s Rights
Publish info: Boston: Lee and Shepard Publishers, 1885
Descript’n: 2 p., 319 p. 18 cm; brown hardcover; gilt lettering Inscription “Saml. May” Enclosure Advertising postcard from Haines Brothers of New York, Haines & Whitney Company (pianos) (interesting, as it features a plug by the famous singer, Christine Nilsson)    

Author: Garrison, William Lloyd (1805-1879)
Title: Sonnets and Other Poems
Publisher: Boston: Oliver Johnson, c1843   

Author: Stowe, Harriet Beecher, 1811-1896
Title: Uncle Tom’s Cabin; or, Life Among the Lowly
Publish info: Boston: John P. Jewett and Company, 1853
Descript’n: 2 p. l., -560 p., 1 l.: ill.; 22.5 cm; mottled hardcover (black & yellow) Note Illustrated by Billings, and engraved by Baker, Smith and Andrew Inscription “Adeline May, with her father’s best love, December 25, 1852”

Author :Stowe, Harriet Beecher, 1811-1896
Title: A Key to Uncle Tom’s Cabin; Presenting the Original Facts and Documents Upon which the Story is Founded Together with Corroborative Statements Verifying the Truth of the Work
Publish info: Boston: John P. Jewett & Co., 1853
Descript’n: iv, -263 p.; 24 cm; brown hardcover; “Key” on the front   

Author: Gilbert, Olive
Title: Narrative of Sojourner Truth: A Bondswoman of Olden Time, Emancipated by the New York Legislature in the Early Part of the Present Century; with a History of Her Labors and Correspondence, Drawn from Her “Book of Life”
Publish info: Boston: Published for the Author, 1875
Descript’n: xi, 320 p. port., facsims; brown hardcover; gold portrait of Truth on the front Inscription “Sam May”   

Author: Washington, Booker T.
Title: Up from Slavery: An Autobiography New York: Doubleday Page and Co., c1901 

Author: Collins, John A.
Title: The Monthly Offering
Publish info: Boston: Anti-Slavery Office, 1841
Descript’n: vi. 204 p.; 17 cm; dark gray hardcover Inscription “Saml. May. Leicester”     

Author: Washington, Booker T., 1856-1915
Title: Character Building; Being Addresses Delivered on Sunday Evenings to the Students of Tuskegee Institute
Publish info: New York: Doubleday, Page & Company, 1903
Descript’n: 291 p. front. 21 cm; red hardcover, covered in brown paper with the title and author written in pencil (also the words “Caretta Fontamento”)     

Author: Hallowell, Anna Davis, ed., 1838-?
Title: James and Lucretia Mott. Life and Letters.
Publish info: Boston: Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1884
Descript’n: vi., 566 p.: ill., ports. 21 cm; light brown hardcover Inscription “Rev. Samuel May, With the abiding love and gratitude of Frank J. Garrison  April 19, 1884.”   

Author: Parker, Theodore, 1810-1860
Title: The Trial of Theodore Parker, for the ‘Misdemeanor’ of a Speech in Faneuil Hall against Kidnapping, Before the Circuit Court of the United States, at Boston, April 3, 1855, with the Defence Publish info Boston: Published for the Author, 1855
Descript’n: xx, 221, p. 24 cm; dark brown hardcover Note The case that grew out of the Burns case; it did not come to trial, but Parker published his defence. Inscription “Sam May Jr” Enclosure Letter from Jacob Leonard to S.M. “Cockesell(?) – Mar. 4 1872 “My Dear friend Mr. May. Having had so many talks with you in imagination, I

Author: Merriam, George S., 1843-1914
Title: The Life and Times of Samuel Bowles (Vol I & II)
Publish info: New York: The Century Co., 1885
Descript’n: 2 v.: front. (port.); 21 cm Inscription In Vol. I: “Rev. Samuel May with the regards of the Author.”

Enclosures 1. In Vol. I: Letter from George S. Merriam (the author) to S.M. “Springfield, Nov. 21, ’85. Dear Mr. May, There are some people to whom it is always a wonder why everything is not done for them. There are others to whom it is always a surprise that anything is done for them! It is easy to know which class you belong to. It seemed a very natural expression of good will on my part to send you the(?) book. You see, I have long had some knowledge of you through Mrs. Griggs. Her(?) mind is a rich portrait gallery of her friends, and through her I have had no small access to the communion of saints – seen and unseen. I am very glad to have given you pleasure. I hope the book will please you in the reading. The interpretation of history will not always agree with your own, -- we all read events from an individual standpoint. But, if differing from me in the estimate of the relative value of some(?) political forces, I know you will sympathize with my effort to do justice to each, and to find the “soul of good in things evil.” Nothing is to us more impressive and encouraging than to see, in the large retrospect, how elements which sharply conflicted have been divinely used to work out a large common result of good. Perhaps even the (four illegible words), and must regard as if they were the soldiers of Anti=Christ, and fight accordingly, may be in the large working of things allies with us – or rather fellow=instruments. But I will not run into these themes. Your anecdote of Mr. Bowles was striking and characteristic. I wish I had had it for the book. I think I shall begin a compilation of “Addenda,” to be used some time and somewhere – and this is a valuable contribution. With kindest regards to your family, I am Sincerely yours, George S. Merriam” 2. In Vol. II: small slip of paper used as a bookmark on p. 441

Author: Curtis, Benjamin R., ed., 1855-1891
Title: A Memoir of Benjamin Robbins Curtis, LL.D. with Some of His Professional and Miscellaneous Writings (Vol. I and II)
Publish info: Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1879
Descript’n: 2 v. fronts. (ports.) illus. 23 cm; dark brown hardcover

Enclosures 1. In Vol. I: Letter from Benjamin R. Curtis (the author) to S.M., pasted into the front of the book: “Mason, Lord & Curtis Counsellors at Law Boston S. 9 1879 Rev. Saml May, My dear Sir, 2. In Vol. I: Review of this book in the Advertiser for Sept. 22, 1879 (newspaper clipping)

Author: Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 Oldroyd, Osborn H., compiler
Title: Words of Lincoln: Including Several Hundred Opinions of his Life and Character by Eminent Persons of this and other Lands
Publish info: Washington, D.C.: O.H. Oldroyd, 1895
Descript’n: xvii., 221 p. front., plates, ports. 20 cm; dark red hardcover Inscription “Samuel May a book of great value, and great pathos – the life of a very genuine and a truly great man”  

Author: Brooks, Noah, 1830-1903
Title: Lincoln by Friend and Foe
Publish info: London; New York : The Gold Medal Library, 1922
Descript’n: 96 p.; incl. front. (port.) ill.; 13 cm; green hardcover with gilt lettering  

Author: Cobbe, Frances Power, 1822-1904
Title: Life of Frances Power Cobbe (Vol. I and II)
Publish info: London: Richard Bentley & Son, 1894
Descript’n: 2 v. fronts. (v. 1: port.) 21 cm; brown hardcovers with gilt designs    

Author: Sadler, Thomas, ed., 1822-1891
Title: Diary, Reminiscences, and Correspondence of Henry Crabb Robinson, Barrister-at-Law, F.S.A.
Publish info: London: Macmillan and Co., 1869
Descript’n: v.; 598 p.; 23 cm; green hardcover  

Author: Pierce, Edward L., 1829-1897
Title: Memoir and Letters of Charles Sumner (Vol. I and II)
Publish info: Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1878
Descript’n: 2 vol.; v.; ports.; 23 cm

Inscription: Card is pasted into the front of Vol. I: “Please accept, dear Mr. May, my best wishes for a happy “Christmas” & “New Year” for yourself & family with the hopes you may all enjoy the reading of this book, as much as your friend ~ M.S.Mc.F.(?)” “Christmas 1878” (written below the card)

Author: Tilden, William Phillips, 1811-1890 (?)
Title: William Phillips Tilden: Autobiography and Personal Tributes
Publish info: Boston: Press of Geo. H. Ellis, 1891
Descript’n: 288 p.; 20 cm; dark blue hardcover Notes Printed, not Published.   

Author: Buckingham, Joseph T. (Joseph Tinker), 1779-1861
Title: Personal Memoirs and Recollections of Editorial Life (Vol. I and II)
Publish info: Boston: Ticknor, Reed and Fields, 1852
Descript’n: 2 v. front. (port.) 17 cm; dull brown hardcover Inscription “Samuel May Jr. from his Brother J. J. M. January 1, 1853”   

Title: Samuel Johnson: A memorial Cambridge, MA: Riverside Press, 1882 64 pp. Inscription.   

Author: Hoar, George Frisbie, 1826-1904
Title: Old Age & Immortality: An Address Delivered Before the Worcester Fire Society at its Centennial January 21, 1893
Publish info: Worcester, 1904
Descript’n: 28 p.; 20 cm; buff-colored hardcover with black spine   

Church of the Disciples Title Memorial of the Commemoration by the Church of the Disciples, of the Fiftieth Birth-Day of Their Pastor, James Freeman Clarke, April 4, 1860
Publish info: Boston: Prentiss & Deland, 1860
Descript’n: 47 p. ports. 20 cm; dark brown hardcover Inscription “Samuel May jr from his friend & classmate Jos. Freeman Clarke Jan 3rd, 1861”   

Author: Dimock, Susan (1847-1875)
Title: Memoir of Susan Dimock: Resident Physician of the New England Hospital for Women and Children
Publish info: Boston: ,1875
Descript’n: -102 p.; port.; 22 cm; dark green hardcover with gilt lettering Inscription “Sarah Rufsell May Christmas 1875 from Fred. W.G. May.”   

Title: A Memorial of Ruth Woodcock Bisco and Dwight Bisco of Leicester, 1883
Publish info: Worcester: Press of Chas. Hamilton, 1883
Descript’n port.; -36 p.; 19 cm; dark maroon hardcover

Inscription: A “Note” is pasted into the front: “Dwight Bisco died Dec. 7, 1882 funeral Dec. 11. The funeral services took place at the house where he had lived for 15 years, & in which he died. All his children were present, nearly all his grandchildren, two brothers (Roswell B. of Spencer, and Jacob B. of Dudley) and his only sister (Mrs. R.R. Hills of Leicester) with brothers & sisters-in-law, and a large company of other friends. The service was opened with an Invocation by Mr. May. A quartette-choir sang Chant 874 from the Hymn & Tune Book of the Amn. Unitarian Afsociation. Mr. May read several of the daily portions of Scripture in the “Daily Praise and Prayer,” of the A.U.A., & from the self-same & well- worn volume which Mr. Bisco had used every day for many years, - selecting those which he had read the last week of his life – vizn for Nov. 30; Dec. 1; Dec. 4; and Dec. 6, the last he lived to read. Mr. May then read this address. – The Rev. A.H. Coolidge made an earnest, fervent and appropriate prayer. – The Choir sang Hymn 65q of the Hymn & Tune Book (to St. Francis). – Mr. May briefly spoke the words of commital to the grave and pronounced the Benediction.” Enclosure A pasteboard card, presumably of the late Mr. Bisco, in a folded piece of paper addressed to “Mifs Adline May.”  Inside the paper are the words: “Mifs Adline May, with the compliments from the Bisco family, Leicester, May 3, 1883”

Title: Memorial of Adin Ballou; Containing a Biographical Sketch, Some Account of the Funeral Services, Tributes from Friends, and Condensed Notices of the Public Press; also a Sermon Written by Himself to be Read at His Own Funeral
Publish info: Cambridge: Riverside Press, 1890
Descript’n: 100 p.; illus.; 21 cm; off-white hardcover with gilt lettering, design and edges Inscription “Rev. Samuel May – With the sincere regard of Lucy H. Ballou – Jan. 1891” 

Author: Waterston, R.C.
Title: Memoir of George Barrell Emerson, LL.D.
Publish info: Cambridge: John Wilson and Son, 1884
Descript’n: port.; -126 p.; 22 cm; dark green hardcover, gilt lettering Inscription “Samuel May, Leicester, April 11, 1884”   

Title: Life and Letters of Thomas J. Mumford with Memorial Tributes
Publish info: Boston: George H. Ellis, 1879
Descript’n: ix.; 208 p.; 20 cm; green hardcover, gilt lettering Inscription “Adeline May, from her father, June, 1879”   

Author: Newton, Joseph Fort, 1876-1950
Title: Lincoln and Herndon
Publish info: Cedar Rapids, Iowa: The Torch Press, 1910
Descript’n: 8 p. l., 367 p. front., plates, ports. 25 cm; green hardcover, gilt lettering Inscription Pasted inside the front cover is a small piece of brown paper, on which is written “Belongs to Adeline May Leicester 1912”   

Author: Herford, Brooke, 1830-1903
Title: Travers Madge: A Memoir
Publish info: London: Hamilton, Adams and Compy, 1868
Descript’n: 192 p.; front.; 18 cm; red hardcover, gilt lettering Note Some marginalia, note in back

Inscriptions 1. Letter pasted into front: “My dear Sir, I can’t remember for whom “Calmly, Calmly by his door” (?) was written, nor can my wife. But I have sent a post card to my niece in Manchester who will, I think, know or find out. – I think your criticism about Travers Madge is mainly right. But it was a very noble(?) ‘martyrdom’ (?)!  Every yours Brooke Herford Expect word in about 3 weeks or so. Ap 18 88” 2. Also pasted inside: “from Brooke Herford Boston to Rev Samuel May Leicester May 20, 1884” Edition Third ed.

Author: Holmes, Oliver Wendell, 1809-1894
Title: John Lothrop Motley: A Memoir
Publish info: Boston: Houghton, Osgood and Company, 1879
Descript’n: vii, 278 p. front. (port.) 22 cm; red hardcover Note Bookmark (calendar leaf) on p. 88 Inscription “XCI Mrs. Mary May December 15, 1878. from S.M.”  

Author: Darley, F.O.C. (Felix Octavius Carr) (1822-1888)
Title: A Selection of War Lyrics with Illustrations on Wood
Publish info: New York: James G. Gregory, 1864
Descript’n: 32 p.; ill.; 24 cm; dark green hardcover, gilt lettering Inscription “Russell May from Emily, Dec. 25, 1864”  

Corp Author Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States. Commandery of the State of Massachusetts
Title: Civil War Papers Read Before the Commandery of the State of Massachusetts, Military Orders of the Loyal Legion of the United States (Vol. I and II)
Publish info: Boston: Printed for the Commandery, 1900
Descript’n: 2 v. 2 plans (1 double) 25 cm; dark blue hardcover with gilt medal Inscription In Vol. I and Vol. II: “Edward May” (stamped) Enclosure In Vol. II: Pink card: “Please Notice, Metropolitan Cleansers and Dyers, Inc., have one of the largest plants in the city of Worcester…” from the “Union Laundry Company”  

Author: White, Edward L. (Little), 1809-1851 and J. Edgar Gould (John Edgar), ca. 1820-1875
Title: The Wreath of School Songs; Consisting of Songs, Hymns and Chants, with Appropriate Music: Designed for the Use of Common Schools, Seminaries, etc, etc to which are added the Elements of Vocal Music Arranged According to the Pestalozzian System of Instruction; with Numerous Exercises, Intended to Supersede (in part) the Necessity of the Black-Board
Publish info: Boston: Benjamin B. Mussey & Company, 1854
Descript’n: score (iv, -232 p.) illus. (music) 13 x 18 cm; battered blue hardcover Inscription “Holman (?) Leicester Mass.”  

Author: Rickard, Truman, 1814-1861 and Hiram Orcutt
Title: Class Book of Prose and Poetry: Consisting of Selections from the Best English and American Authors; Designed as Exercises in Parsing; for the Use of Common Schools and Academies
Publish info: Boston: Robert S. Davies & Co., 1860, 1861
Descript’n: iv, 144 p. 16 cm; light brown hardcover Edition Revised and enlarged ed.

Inscriptions 1. Written in pencil in a circle: “Theria(?) Jennie D. Smith. Wesleyan Academy” 2. Written in pencil in a circle: “Treria (?) M. Albertine Smith Wilbraham Mafs.” 3. Written in pencil in a circle on the inside back cover: “Faculty L2: No 4. Carrie C. Smith Wilbraham Mafs.” Enclosures 1. Pasteboard card printed with “W.R. & A.H. Sumner, Importers of China, Glass & Crockery Ware 137 Washington St. Corner of School St. Boston.” 2. Pasteboard card printed with “From Edward D. Rice, Dealer in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, Carpets, Feathers, Paper Hangings, Crockery, Glass and Hardware, Boots and Shoes, Groceries, etc. Leicester, Mass.” 3. Very faded poem written on blue paper (possibly original): “’Twas where an ancient forest waved And ink-black rivers rolled;

Author: Thomson, James B., LL.D. (James Bates), 1808-1883
Title: Higher Arithmetic; or the Science and Application of Numbers; Combining the Analytic and Synthetic Modes of Instruction. Designed for Advanced Classes in School and Academies
Publish info: New York: Ivison, Phinney & Company, 1863
Descript’n: 422 p.; 19 cm; dark brown hardcover Edition 120th ed. Series Day and Thomsons series Inscription Apparently several students signed their regards to one “Anna M. Woolman, Leicester Academy, Aug. 22 (illegible).

Enclosures 1. A short essay on California: “California California is situated in the western part of the U.S. Its Capital is San Francisco in the western part. The Coast Range and the Seri Nevada & mountains extend through California. The principal peaks are Mt. Shasta Mt. Grant Mt. King Mt. Whitney and Mt. Tyndal. The capes on the western coast are cape Medecino and Pt Conception. The principal productions are Gold, Wine, Wheat, Fruit and Silver. Among some of the curiosities are the Big Trees and the Youcemety Valley. Some of the trees are 3,000 yrs. old, and 100 ft. high and 400 ft. around.” 2. A tag for a “Chudda Shawl” 3. A postal card to “(illegible) Knight Esq, Leicester, Mass.,” reading (printed) “Notice! Subscribers to the original fund for street lamps are requested to meet at Leicester Hotel, Saturday 16th inst. at 7:30 P.M.   Business in relation to the unexpended balance; and a full attendance is desired. Per order.  Leicester, January 15, 1886.”

Author: Bartlett, E. (Elisha), 1804-1855
Title: Simple Settings, in Verse, for Six Portraits and Pictures from Mr. Dickens’s Gallery
Publish info: Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1854
Descript’n: 80 p.; 19 cm; dark brown hardcover Inscription “Hon. Sen.(?) Lincoln & Mrs. Lincoln. With the kind regards of Dr. Bartlett.”

Enclosure A card from the “Odd Book Store” of Worcester, Mass.; typed upon it is: “April 15, 1963  I thought you might like this book to add to your ‘Lincoln Collection’ Respectfully yours Alfred H. Sneed(?)”

Author: Sheppard, Furman, 1823-1893
Title: The Constitutional Text-Book: A Practical and Familiar Exposition of the Constitution of the United States, and of Portions of the Public and Administrative Law of the Federal Government. Designed Chiefly for the Use of Schools, Academies, and Colleges
Publish info: Philadelphia: Childs & Peterson,
Descript’n: 324 p. incl. diagr. fold tab. 20 cm; dark brown hardcover Note Some marginalia Pasted on the inside back cover is a picture of “Wesleyan Academy – Wilbraham, Mass. Founded 1824” Inscription “James J. Knight, Wes. Acad. May 7th 61 Wilbraham Mass.”  

Author: Greenleaf, Benjamin, A.M., 1786-1864
Title: The National Arithmetic, on the Inductive System; Combining the Analytic and Synthetic Methods, Together with the Cancelling System; Forming a Complete Mercantile Arithmetic
Publish info: Boston: Robert S. Davis & Co., 1856
Descript’n: 360 p. 19 cm; dark brown hardcover Edition New Stereotype ed., revised, enlarged and much improved Inscription “J.J. Knight, Leicester. James Jonah Knight. Leicester, Mass. Jonah is a fine boy, good luck to him yours J. Holman”    

Author: Olmsted, Denison, LL.D., 1791-1859
Title: A Compendium of Astronomy; Containing the Elements of the Science, Familiarly Explained and Illustrated. Adapted to the Use of High Schools and Academies, and of the General Reader. A New and Greatly Improved Edition, Containing the Latest Discoveries
Publish info: New York: Robert B. Collins, 1856
Descript’n: vii, 287 p.: ill.; 20 cm; dark brown hardcover Inscription “James J. Knight”  

Author: Johnston, John, M.A., 1806-1879
Title: Elements of Chemistry, for the Use of Schools Publish info Philadelphia: Thomas, Cowperthwait & Co., 1852
Descript’n: viii, 9-383 p.; ill.; 19 cm; battered brown hardcover Note List of names in the front Inscription “James J. Knight, Leicester, Mafs.”  

Author: Parkman, Francis, 1823-1893
Title: La Salle and the Discovery of the Great West
Publish info: Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1901
Descript’n: xxv p., 1 l., 483 p. fold. front., map. 20 cm; brown hardcover Series France and England in North America, Part 3 Inscription “Ella Kellogg Burnham”  

Author: Parkman, Francis, 1823-1893
Title: The Jesuits in North America in the Seventeenth Century
Publish info: Boston: Little, Brown and Company, 1901
Descript’n: xxix p., 463 p. fold. front., map. 20 cm; brown hardcover 

Author: Parkman, Francis, 1823-1893
Title: Pioneers of France in the New World
Publish info: Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1903
Descript’n: xxiv p., 473 p. fold. front., map. 20 cm; brown hardcover Series France and England in North America, Part 1 Inscription “Ella Kellogg Burnham Nov. 1907”  

Author: Fox, John, Rev., M.A. (Foxe, John), 1516-1587 Unif title Actes and Monuments
Title: Book of Martyrs; or, A History of the Lives, Sufferings, and Triumphant Deaths, of the Primitive as Well as Protestant Martyrs: From the Commencement of Christianity, to the Latest Periods of Pagan and Popish Persecution, to which is added, An Account of the Inquisition, the Bartholomew Massacre in France, the General Persecution Under Louis XIV, the Massacre in the Irish Rebellion in the Year 1641, and the Recent Persecutions of the Protestants in the South of France
Publish info: Hartford: Edwin Hunt, 1845
Descript’n: xxiii, 3, 26-597 p.; illus.; 23 cm; brown hardcover Inscription “Zena(?) W. Bigelow(?) Brookfield Mass.”  

Author: Hale, Edward E.
Title: History of the United States Written for the Chautauqua Reading Circles
Publish info: New York: Chautauqua Press, 1887
Descript’n: 312 p.; fold. map; 20 cm; red hardcover Inscription “Anna M. Knight Nov. 15, 1887”  

Author: Charles & Mary Lamb
Title: Tales from Shakespeare New York: C.S. Francis & Co. 348 pp. 1849  

Author: Shakespeare, William, 1564-1616
Title: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Publish info: Boston: Roberts Brothers, 1870
Descript’n: 3 p. L., 87, p. front., illus. (silhouettes) 26 cm; red hardcover, gilt lettering Inscription “Sarah Rufsell May from S.M. Christmas 1870”

Enclosures 1. Article from The Republican, n.d. “Konewka and the Silhouette” (newspaper clipping) 2. Advertisement for this book from Roberts Brothers

Author: Buxton, Charles, ed., 1822-1871
Title: Memoirs of Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, Baronet. With Selections from His Correspondence Publish info Philadelphia: Henry Longstreth, 1849
Descript’n: xii; 510 p. illus.; 22 cm; very dark brown hardcover Inscription “Leicester Book Society Jan. 7, 1849”   

Author: Tarbell, Ida M. (Ida Minerva), 1857-1944
Title: The Life of Elbert H. Gary; The Story of Steel
Publish info: New York, London: D. Appleton and Company, 1925
Descript’n: xxi p., 361 p. front., plates, ports. 23 cm; dark red hardcover, gilt lettering Inscription “E.H. Gray Inscribed for John M. Hanford(?) with the Best Wishes Ida M. Tarbell December 1925”

Enclosure Small pasteboard card on which is printed “Mrs. M. Morgenthau Jr., 145 East 64th Street” and on which is written “To Dr. Hanford with very real understanding of his trouble – may he be as kind to himself as he is always to us – Jean(?) Morgenthau his(?) mother”

Author: Herbert, George, 1593-1633
Title: The Temple; Sacred Poems and Private Ejaculations
Publish info: London: T. Fisher Unwin, 1893
Descript’n: xxxi; 192 p.; 16 cm; bound in brown leather Note At head of title: First edition, 1633. Fac-simile reprint Edition 5th ed. / with an introductory essay by J. Henry Shorthouse  

Author: Cervantes Saavedra, Miguel de, 1547-1616
Title: La Jitanilla Publish info Paris: E. Dentu, 1892
Descript’n: 144 p.; 13 cm; marbled red, gold, blue and white hardcover Note In French, translated from the Spanish by Jacques Soldanelle  

Author: Hosmer, James K., 1834-1927
Title: The Color-Guard: Being a Corporal’s Notes of Military Service in the Nineteenth Army Corps.
Publish info: Boston: Walker, Wise and Company, 1864
Descript’n: xii, 9-244 p. 18 cm; dark brown hardcover Inscription “Adeline May from Mrs. J.M. Welch. April 3, 1865. Fall of Richmond”  

Author: Drinkwater, John
Title: Mary Stuart: A Play Publish info Boston and New York: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1921 Descript’n 73 p.; 20 cm; buff and dark orange hardcover Inscription “Ella B. May – 1921” Enclosures 1. Torn piece of paper on which is printed some “Books by John Drinkwater” 2. Torn piece of paper from “The Outline of Literature & Art” 3. Article from The New York Times Book Review from April 22, 1923: “Low and High Comedy as a Criticism of Life”  

Author: Millay, Edna St. Vincent, 1892-1950
Title: Fatal Interview
Publish info: New York and London: Harper & Brothers, 1931
Descript’n: x p., 1 l., 52 p.; 22 cm; brown hardcover with pale blue DJ
Enclosure: Article from New York Herald Tribune Books from Nov. 17, 1934: “Edna St. Vincent Millay, Poet and Legend (newspaper clipping)   

Author: Haskell, Frank
Title: The Battle of Gettysburg c1908 94 p.  

Author: United States Sanitary Commission
Title: Narrative of the Privations and Sufferings of United States Officers and Soldiers while Prisoners of War in the Hands of the Rebel Authorities; Being the Report of a Commission of Inquiry, Appointed by the United States Sanitary Commission. With an Appendix, Containing the Testimony Publish info Philadelphia: King & Baird, 1864 (for the U.S. Sanitary Commission)
Descript’n: 283 p.; illus.; 21 cm; brown, blue, red and white marble hardcover Inscription “Saml May Jr.”  

Author: Winthrop, Theodore, 1828-1861
Title: Life in the Open Air, and Other Papers Publish info Boston: Ticknor and Fields, 1863
Descript’n: iv p., 2 1., -374 p. front. (port.) pl. 19 cm; blue hardcover Inscription “Adeline May. Leicester, 1863”   

Title: The Select Journal of Foreign Periodical Literature (Vols. I – IV)
Publish info: Boston: Charles Bowen, 1833
Descript’n: 4 v.; 22 cm; brown, black and red marble hardcover Notes Vol. IV has damage to the spine Vols. 1 & II comprise 118, Vols. III & IV comprise 119 Inscriptions 1. In Vols. I & II: “Sam May Jr. 1834” 2. In Vols. III & IV: “Saml. May. Leicester”  

Author: Pellew, George, 1859-1892
Title: A Neglected Duty of the Women of Massachusetts Publish info Reprinted from ‘Education,’ April, 1888
Descript’n: Pamphlet; 8 p.; 22 cm; plain paper pamphlet   

Author: Pellew, George, 1859-1892
Title: Woman and the Commonwealth: or, A Question of Expediency
Publish info: Boston and New York: Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1888
Descript’n: 38 p.; 22 cm; blue hardcover with much-worn brown paper cover Inscriptions “Sam May” Written on the flyleaf: “A most compact, well-woven argument among all the statements of W.S. question, and argt advanced in its behalf, this must be ranked among the ablest. Even more may be said – in view of the absolutely dispafsionate & fair examn, which this pamphlet gives (two words illegible) for real, for actual use among the citizens, one (?) knows at(?)” Written inside: “I gave copies to – Mrs. Elizabeth Gay; Mrs. Rebecca Moore; Joseph A. Howland” Written on the back flyleaf: “Jan. 28, 1888 Mr. Eaton Mrs. Fredka Eaton Mifs Georgia Eaton; F.W.G. May Mary J. May Dean(?) Ezra Farnsworth Mrs. John Lowell Mrs. Etta (W) Holmes (Eclipse) Ebenezer(?) May (Picture) Mr. & Mrs. Sam. Gray Dr. B.A. Gonto(?)”  

Author: Danforth, James R., Rev.
Title: Memorial Discourse of Deacon James Smith Preached in the Central Congregational Church, Philadelphia On Easter Sunday, April 13, 1879
Publish info: Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott, 1879
Descript’n: 23 p.; 24 cm; dark brown hardcover  

Author: Roe, Alfred Seelye, 1844-1917
Title: An Address Delivered Before the Massachusetts House of Representatives, January 2, 1895
Publish info: Boston: Wright and Potter, 1895
Descript’n: 72 p. front., plates, ports. 25 cm; olive green hardcover Inscription “Mr. & Mrs. Chas. D. Nye, with the regards of (illegible) S. Roe – July 20, 1895”  

Author: Aikin, Dr. (prefaces), 1747-1822
Title: Select Works of the British Poets with Biographical and Critical Prefaces
Publish info: Philadelphia: Thomas Wardle, 1831
Descript’n: v.; 24 cm; warm brown hardcover Inscription “Saml May. Leicester”  

Author: Bunyan, John, 1628-1688
Title: The Pilgrim’s Progress: In Two Parts
Publish info: London: Henry G. Bohn, 1856
Descript’n: -xxxvi -476 p.; ill.; 19.9 cm; dark brown hardcover Edition 11th ed., including the poetry hitherto omitted Note With original notes by the Rev. Thomas Scott, Rector of Aston Sandford, Bucks.

Enclosure Piece of paper on which is written “Gift Ames 11/23/65,” and on which is typed the title, author and publishing information for this books

Author: Schrevel, Cornelis, 1608-1664
Title: Cornelii Schrevelii Lexicon Manuale Graeco-Latinum et Latino Graecum./ Studio Atque Operra Josephi Hill, Johannis Entick, Gulielmi Bowyeri, nec non Jacobi Smith, A.M. Adauctum. Insuper Quoque ad Calcem Adjectae sunt Sententiae Graeco- Latinae, Quibus omnia Graecae Linguae Primitiva Comprehenduntur. Item Tractatus Duo: Alter De Resolutione verborum, Alter De Articulis; Uterque Perutilis, et Aeque Desideratus
Publish info: Novi-Eboraci; impensis Jacobi Eastburn et. soc. apud Cameras literarias, 1818
Descript’n: vi. p.; 23 cm Edition Ed. 3. Americana (juxta editionem decimam nonam edinburgiensem) priore multo auctior et emendatior Note Bound in contemporary sheepskin, worn. Red leather label mounted on spine, stamped in gold Inscriptions “Levi(?) (2 illegible names) Leicester Academy June (illegible)  1825” “Levi Lincoln (illegible) Worcester Ma. April 1827 Cost $3.00”  

Author: Palfrey, John Gorham, 1796-1881
Title: History of New England During the Stuart Dynasty (Vols. I – III)
Publish info: Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1865
Descript’n: 3 v. illus., maps (partly double, incl. front.) 25 cm; brown hardcover

Inscriptions 1. In Vol. I: “Edward May Boston 1866” “From his Father, before sailing for the Pacific in the U.S.S. Lackawanna, which cruise these volumes made; ’66-‘69” 2. In Vol. II: “Edward May Boston, Massachusetts 1866”

Author: Hudson, Alfred Sereno, 1839-1907
Title: The History of Sudbury, Massachusetts. 1638-1889
Publish info: Sudbury, Mass.: Published by the town of Sudbury, 1889
Descript’n: ccii, 660 p.; front., plates, ports., maps (part double); very dark brown hardcover

Enclosures 1. Small envelope from “Messrs. Harper & Brothers Franklin Square New York City New York” 2. Scrap of newspaper, hailing from Worcester (Vol. 18, No. 119) 3. Lined piece of paper on which is written in pencil: “’Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War.’ vol. 9 – page 355. Silaas Knight, Sudbury. Capt. Andrew Haskell’s Rev.(?) Col. J. Marshall’s Regt. Enlisted June 28/1776; service to Dec. 1/1776 – 5 mos. 4 days also Capt. Asahil(?) Wheeler’s Rev.(?) Col. Jonathan Read’s Regt. Enlisted Sept. 28/1777; service 41 days with Northern Army”

Author: Crane, Ellery Bicknell, 1836-1925
Title: Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Worcester County, Massachusetts, with a History of Worcester Society of Antiquity (Vols. 1 – IV)
Publish info: New York: The Lewis Publishing Company, 1907
Descript’n: 4 v.; fronts., ill., plates, ports.; 28 cm; black and brown hardcover 

Author: Rice, Franklin P., 1852-1919
Title: The Worcester Book: A Diary of Noteworthy Events in Worcester, Massachusetts, from 1657 to 1883
Publish info: Worcester: Putnam, Davis and Company, 1884
Descript’n: 159 p. 24 cm; red hardcover, gilt lettering Edition Three hundred copies printed Inscription “Charles D. Nye With compliments of F.P. Rice Sept. 2, 1886”  

Author: Dall, Caroline H., LL.D., 1822-1912
Title: The College, the Market, and the Court; or, Woman’s Relation to Education, Labor, and Law
Publish info: Boston, 1914
Descript’n: lxiii, 511 p. port. 20 cm; green hardcover Edition Memorial ed. Enclosures 1. Memoranda written probably by Adeline May: “Just how did I get this book of Mrs. Dall’s and whom do I pay? January 1915. write to Publisher.” 2. Letter from M.S.(?) Rossiter, vice president of The Rumford Press, Concord N.H.: “February 22, 1915 Miss Adeline May, Leicester, Mass. My dear Madam: In reply to your letter of February 17th,

Author: Strahan, Edward, 1838-1886
Title: The Art Gallery of the Exhibition; A Selection from the Paintings and Sculpture Exhibited by Alma- Tadema…Wulffert, etc., etc.
Publish info: Philadelphia: Gebbie & Barrie, 1877
Descript’n: viii; 112 p.; plates, ill; 30.5 cm; olive green hardcover with gold design and lettering (greek figure, leaves – gorgeous) 

Title: Masters in Art; A Series of Illustrated Monographs (8 volumes) (possibly 9, per N.R., archivist)
Publish info: Boston: Bates & Guild Company, 1906
Descript’n: 8 v. not continuously paginated; 25 cm; brown hardcover Note This series is not shelved together (five volumes in Case 1, three in Case 2)

Inscriptions 1. “Mrs. J.K. Burnham” in seven of the volumes 2. The volume beginning with “Rubens” is inscribed “Mrs. Ella C. Burnham January, 1901” Enclosures 1. In the volume beginning with “Lawrence”: A pamphlet for “Masterpieces of Art Publications” 2. In the volume beginning with “Manet”: An article from the New York Herald Tribune from Jan. 26, 1941 on “El Greco and His Religious Art” (newspaper clipping) 3. In the volume beginning with “Rubens”: Pamphlet from the “New York Museum of Science and Industry,” reprinted from the “Science Observer,” entitled “Was Leonarda da Vinci a Master Artist or a Super Scientist?”; n.d., but costumes in pictures resemble those from the 1940s

Author: Blanc, Charles, 1813-1882
Title: The Grammar of Painting and Engraving; Translated from the French of Blanc’s Grammaire des Arts du Dessin by Kate Newell Doggett; with the Original Illustrations
Publish info: New York: Hurd and Houghton; Cambridge: Riverside Press, 1874
Descript’n: xx, 330 p. incl. illus., plates. col. front. 24 cm; green hardcover, gilt lettering Inscription “Befsie – from her father  1 January, 1874”   

Author: Francis, Downman
Title: Great English Painters
Publish info: Philadelphia: George W. Jacobs & Co.,
Descript’n: 294 p., leaves of plates; ill.; 19 cm; green hardcover, gilt lettering   

Author: Strange, Edward F. (Edward Fairbrother), 1862-1929
Title: The Colour-Prints of Japan: An Appreciation and History
Publish info: New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1904
Descript’n: xii, 85 p. col. front., illus. (some col.) plates (1 col.) port. 17 cm; light brown leather(?) Inscription “Ella Kellogg Burnham” Series The Langham series; an illustrated collection of art monographs, ed. by S. Brinton, v.2 Note “Chronological list of artists”: p. -85   

Author: Vasari, Giorgio, 1511-1574
Title: Vasari’s Lives of Italian Painters. Selected and Prefaced by Havelock Ellis
Publish info: London: Walter Scott, Ltd.,
Descript’n: xiv, 291 p.; 18 cm; dark blue hardcover   

Author: Witt, Robert Clermont, Sir, 1872-1952
Title: How to Look at Pictures Publish info London: George Bell and Sons, 1902
Descript’n: xviii, 173 p.; 35 plates; 21 cm; light orange hardcover Inscription “Ella Kellogg Burnham 1903”