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Today in Marin County, an alleged book thief is scheduled to be arraigned on charges of Grand Theft, after he stole a rare book by ingesting it (yes- he ate it). Three weeks ago, the Heldfond Book Gallery contacted authorities to report the theft of a first edition of H.G. Wells' The Invisible Man.  The staff was able to give a detailed description of the suspected culprit, who was behaving in a strange manner and had handled the book shortly before it disappeared.  Police apprehended the suspect at the Eco Green Zen Calm cafe, where he was curled up in a booth and complaining of severe stomach cramps.  The suspect was take to Marin County Hospital, where an x-ray was administered in an attempt to find the root of his pain.  This is what they found:ER physician Dr. Leo McCoy said of the discovery, "We've seen many different and weird things wind up in people's stomachs over the years, but this was a real shocker."  Becky Thatcher, Heldfond Book Gallery Manager, called the suspect, who has been identified as John W. Booth, an unemployed actor form San Francisco, "the Houdini of book thieves."

UPDATE: Well, looks like I have been fooled (and in front of all the members before we've even met!).  I spoke with Erik and apparently this story is only the creative work of an employee at Heldfond Book Gallery.  Logic failed me, even while writing and wondering how anyone could possibly manage to swallow a book.  Does anyone else have any strange but true stories of theft? Brazen Thief Ingests Rare Book