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Nick Wilding of Georgia State University has announced on the EXLIBRIS mailing list his findings pointing to forgeries of Galileo material that appear to trace back to Marino Massimo de Caro, currently under arrest for thefts from the Girolamini Library in Naples. Dr. Wilding raises further questions about books that have recently passed through the trade bearing the the library stamp of Federico Cesi. (The text of Dr. Wilding's statement on EXLIBRIS is below.) The ABAA has been in touch with Dr. Wilding and will be offering further updates as they are available. The RBMS Security Committee blog will also carry updates on the Girolamini Library scandal as it develops: An earlier update on the developing scandal from ILAB President Arnoud Gerits includes contact information for the authorities in Italy working on the case: In the meantime, colleagues with specific questions or further information relating to possible forgeries tracing back to De Caro or books they may have sold to De Caro may contact me. The ABAA Security Committee will collect what information it can to help investigations move forward. With thanks, Garrett Scott ABAA Security Chair