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UPDATE: The book has been recovered. The following item has gone missing during shipping between NYC and Toronto: GALILEI, Galileo. Dialogo di Galileo Galilei… sopra i due massimi Sistemi del mondo tolemaico, e copernicano. Florence: Batista Landini, 1632. Octavo, late 18th-century full vellum, burgundy morocco spine label. Identifying characteristics:
  • Bauman Rare Books inventory #82805
  • Frontispiece in the fourth state (of four), as usual, with artist’s signature present. With pasted cancel slip correcting the shoulder note on page 92 and manuscript addition of letter H to diagram on page 192, both as usual. With errata leaf Ff6; without final blank leaf only (Kk4), often not present. Quires Bb3 and Bb4 misnumbered as Bb2 and Bb3, respectively.
  • Paper repair to verso of dedication page; dedication and “Al discreto lettore” leaves remargined at top. Marginal paper repairs to leaves I6, O6, O7, Ee3, Ff6. Morocco spine label partially perished with some loss to lettering; only light soiling to vellum.
Please contact Erik DuRon at Bauman Rare Books 212-751-0011 with any information