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UPDATE:  Book has been recovered Missing book, San Francisco-Berkeley and Bay area: Missing in transit, following an appraisal at the Turtle Island Book Shop.  It left the shop on December 4th, and was discovered missing on January 4th. Description: Kubota, Shigekuo. MARCEL DUCHAMP AND JOHN CAGE. : published by Takeyoshi Miyazawa, 1988. Black cloth, oblong 8vo. in a slipcase, with reproduced photographs of Duchamp, Teeny Duchamp, John Cage, David Tudor, Gordon Momma, David Behrman and Lowell Cross. Includes a miniature l.p. recording in a paper sleeve. One of 500 copies, numbered and signed, and a presentation copy from Kubota. This is copy no. 482. If you have any information regarding this book, please contact: Roger A. Wicker at the Turtle Island Book Shop, (510) 655-3413 or