[SIXTH BIBLIA RABBINICA]. Biblia Sacra Hebraica & Chaldaica cum Masora, quae Critica Hebraeorum sacra est, Magna & Parva, ac selectissimis Hebraaeorum interperetum Comentariis/ "Ha teshuvatekha be-imrotekha be-khol dor va-dor memshaltekha asher bi-darkhe no`am" [BOUND WITH] Tiberias sive commentarius masoreticus triplex Historicus, Didacticus, Criticus, ad illustrationem Operis Biblici Basiliensis conscriptus. (2 vols.)

Eric Chaim Kline, Bookseller
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Eric Chaim Kline Bookseller

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Specializing in the arts and humanities with emphasis on photography, architecture and Judaica.
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