13 offprints or articles: 1) Classical Particle Physics (39 pp. purple ditto); 2) Chapter V: The Laws of Mechanics (appearing in C.D. Broad's Perception, Physics and Reality (52 pp. purple ditto); 3) Sur La Theorie des Particules Elementaires (1956); 4) Copernicus' Role in Kant's Revolution (1959); 4) History and Philosophy of Science in an Undergraduate Physics Course (1955); 5) On Elementary Particle Theory (1956); 6) The Education of the Technologist: Science as a Liberal Education; 7) Causal Chains (1955); 8) The Godel theorem, an informal exposition (1961); 9) A Budget of Cross-Type Inferences, or Invention is the Mother of Necessity (1961); 10) Picturing Atomic Particles (1959); 11) The Logic of the Correspondence Principle (1958); 12) A Picture Theory of Theory Meaning (1970); 13) On the Symmetry Between Budgert of Cross-Type Inferences, or Invention is the Mother of Necessity ('Final Draft' - 39pp purple ditto)

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