Two finely illustrated orihon (or folded books, accordion style) manuscripts, measuring 249 x 6032 mm. & 249 x 14,832 mm., depicting a series of 44 (of 45, lacking the first image in the first vol.) finely painted scenes relating to marksmanship using matchlock muskets. Title in second vol.: "Teppo gokui meate sadame" [trans.: "Ultimate Method of Eyes focusing on the Target using a Matchlock Musket"]. 8vo, orig. shiny stiff wrappers, label on upper cover of Vol. I "Teppo gokuiwaza yokogaki" [trans.: "Matchlock Musketry, Ultimate Positioning Techniques"]; Vol. II: "Kugo asagiri" [trans.: "Morning Dew"]. In excellent condition, the paper very shiny with mica & specially prepared, all leaves ruled in gold, silver, & red. N.p. [but Japan]: dated in the postscript at the end of second volume "1607."

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