Index Librorum Prohibitorum. Innoc XI PM. Iussu Editus Usque ad Annum 1681. Eidem accedit in fine Appendix usque ad mensem Iunij 1704. Romæ: Typis Reu. Cam. Apost., 1704. [Together with:] Appendix Nouissima ad Indicem Librorum Prohibitorum Ab Anno MDCCIV. Usque Ad totum Mensem Martij MDCCXVI. Romæ: Typis Reu. Cameræ Apostolicæ, 1716. [and:] Appendix Nouissimæ Appendicis ad Indicem Librorum Prohibitorum A' Mense Martij MDCCXVI. Usque Ad totum Maij MDCCXVIII. Romæ: Typis Reu. Cameræ Apostolicæ, 1718. [and:] Appendix Nouissimæ Appendici ad Indicem Librorum Prohibitorum A Mense Maij MDCCXVIII. Usque Ad totum Mensem Iunij MDCCXXXIV. Romæ: Typis Reuerendæ Cameræ Apostolicæ, 1734

Michael R. Thompson Rare Books
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Michael R. Thompson Rare Books

8242 West Third St., Ste. 230
Los Angeles, CA 90048
email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
phone number(323) 658-1901
Specializing in Literature, Science & Technology, Philosophy, History of Ideas, Fine Printing
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