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Catalogue 12 110 items illustrated in full color. Highlights include: Anais Nin's rarest book, AULETRIS; a signed copy of Ed Ruscha's rare DUTCH DETAILS; an extraordinary postcard from actress Karen Allen written from the set of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK; two original pastels by Charles Bukowski; an orginal photograph by Allen Ginsberg of Robert Creeley; Jeff Wall's scarce FREE MEDIA BULLETIN; Owen Simmon's legendary BOOK OF BREAD; a truly fine copy of Frank O'Hara's LUNCH POEMS; a number of items from Ed Sander's Fuck You Press; an extraordinary contemporary eyewitness letter to the attacks on Pearl Harbor; several exceptional outsider and vernacular books; and much, much more.
IN SITU: Situationism & Its Influence 1957-2010 Part II Second and final part of our catalogue on Situationism.
Catalogue 13: The Book and Nothing But the Book Featuring 150 *books* (what a concept) fully illustrated in color, it includes generous selections of poetry (concrete and otherwise), art and photo (including Japanese photobooks), Beats and punks, association copies, artists' books, pulps, film, human sexuality, the obligatory modern firsts, and much more.
IN SITU: Situationism & Its Influence 1957-2010 (Part 1) I'm pleased to announce our latest e-catalogue (#11.5) entitled IN SITU and dedicated entirely to Situationism. This is our largest catalogue to date (almost 200 items), so we're issuing it in two parts. Part one consists of seventy-five items on Situationism proper: Guy Debord, Raoul Vaneiegem, the INTERNATIONALE SITUATIONNISTE, various sections of the SI, as well as histories of the movement. Part two, forthcoming in a couple of weeks, will chronicle (in more than 100 items) the subsequent influence of Situationism.
Catalogue Eleven Our latest catalogue — focusing on archives, collections, photographs, manuscripts, albums, scrapbooks, and other primary materials — is now available. Over sixty items illustrated in full color, highlights include: the archive of storyteller and folklorist Diane Wolkstein; a collection of letters and related materials from modern dance pioneer Ted Shawn; several holograph set-lists from several early Hüsker Dü performances; a substantial run of the prisoner-produced magazine The Angolite, with related correspondence; the research and publication archive of R.A. Wobbe's bibliography of Graham Greene; a beautiful archive of over 600 images from the Scranton Lace Company; hundreds of pages of White House memoranda and related documents from LBJ pollster Fred Panzer; a rare original photo album documenting the construction of the Madeira-Mamore Railroad by official project photographer Dana B. Merrill. Plus much more.
Catalogue X Over 100 items of original art, association copies, photography, poetry, artists' books, little mags and the mimeo revolution. Highlights include: two issues of Wallace Berman's SEMINA; an important association copy of David Markson's WITTGENSTEIN'S MISTRESS; the dedication copy of John Ashbery's collection THREE BOOKS, inscribed to Jane Freilicher; Jim Carroll's first book ORGANIC TRAINS; complete runs of: the groundbreaking design magazine NEST, the seminal punk zine SEARCH AND DESTROY, and the influential L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E; original photographs of the Sex Pistols, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and the Yippies; a selection of original works from noted graffiti and street artist "The Reader"; a small collection of vintage flyers from Ed Sander's The Fugs, as well as other Fuck You Press materials; and important associations from Max Ernst, Sonic Youth, Piero Heliczer, Ray Johnson, and others.
“Mistakes Were Made”

To mark my tenth anniversary as a book dealer, I’ve gathered all of the unsold material from my first five catalogues into one 64-item e-catalogue. But this is not exactly a sale list. Rather, the catalogue attempts to expose and describe the misjudgments that contributed to each item’s sadly unsold state. There are overvalued association copies, neglected scrapbooks, under-appreciated poetry, and ignored modern art. All formerly so, I hope. But mistakes were made: pandering, bias, infatuation, fetishization, inexperience, ignorance, confusion, impatience…I really am terribly sorry.

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