CA Exhibitor Registration

Exhibitor Registration is now open.

Booth Pricing 

10x20 Premium Booth: $8,750 / Deposit $3,000

10x15 Booth: $5,200 / Deposit $2,000

10x10 Booth: $3,295 / Deposit $2,000

10x15 Shared Booth: $2,995 / Deposit $1,000

10x10 Shared Booth: $1,995 / Deposit $1,000

All exhibitors will be charged applicable booth fees payable to ABAA ($300 per booth) and to ILAB (2.5% of booth fee).

Registration deadline: October 15, 2022 

Use the following links to find more information on Hotel & VenueExhibitor Floor Plan, and Booth Inventory, Important Dates, and Fair Schedule

All Exhibitors are required to abide by the ABAA Code of Ethics, the ABAA Code of Conduct, and the Book Fair Rules