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The Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America was founded in 1949 to promote interest in rare and antiquarian books and book collecting, and to foster collegial relations. We strive to maintain the highest standards in the trade. All members agree to abide by the ABAA's Code of Ethics. While our members sell, buy, and appraise books and printed matter, our staff can assist you with finding a bookseller and with other trade-related matters.

1964: The Little Red Book

1964: The Little Red Book

The 1960s was a decade of both discovery and protest, riots and revolutions, from anti-war marches, assassinations of world leaders, man's first landing on the moon, and the birth of a new brand of music led by The Beatles. Change was in the air and nowhere was it more obvious than in modern China w... [ more ]

THE SAVVY BOOKSELLER: Social Media for the Antiquarian Book Trade, Post #5


Enter the Blogosphere I promised another Facebook related post this week, but instead I think it's time to switch gears and get acquainted with some other social media options out there before you start to think that I'm on Mark Zuckerberg's payroll. This week I will consider the pros and cons of blogging as well as some of the better sites out there that support the endeavor. The fact that anyone wi... [ more ]

1939: Finnegan’s Wake


Celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the year 1939, we've saved the oddest book for last. John Michael Lang, who operates a general antiquarian shop in Seattle, recalls reading the notoriously difficult novel. A colleague recently asked me why I had read Finnegans Wake. He couldn't seem to locate anyone else who had ever done so, or had even tried. It is a legitimate question. The book is unintelligib... [ more ]

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The 38th Annual Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair returns to the Hynes Convention Center from November 14-16, 2014. For more information, please visit bostonbookfair.com.

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