New Rare Book Catalogs

New Rare Book Catalogs

October is the season of leaf peeping. Some dress warmly and do their leaf peeping in scenic beautyspots, other relax in a comfy armchair and examine the leaves of rare book catalogs (either in printed form or through their electronic device of choice). This month's crop of new catalogs is as colorf... [ more ]

Collecting Dalton Trumbo


Dalton Trumbo got his start in writing as a reporter in college, and subsequently contributed stories to the popular magazines of the early 1930s: McCall's, the Saturday Evening Post, etc. In 1935, he got a job at Warner Brothers studios, and began his career as a prolific screenwriter and occasional novelist. His first novel, Eclipse, drew heavily on his youth in Grand Junction, Colorado, and, like ... [ more ]

Infamous Banned Books


Looking at the history of book banning worldwide, from Henry VIII's destruction of Catholic iconography and religious books during the dissolution, to Hitler's famous bonfires of any work deemed insufficiently Germanic in the 1930s, and up to today's over-zealous parents eager to shield children from whatever they imagine was absent in their own childhoods, some books simply appear to attract more ne... [ more ]

Upcoming Event


The 39th Annual Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair returns to the Hynes Convention Center from November 13-15, 2015. For more information visit

November 13th, 2015 - November 15th, 2015

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