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Every four years the International League of Antiquarian Booksellers (ILAB) awards the $10,000 Breslauer Prize for Bibliography to the author(s) of the most original and outstanding work on the history of the book.  From the ILAB website:

Its purpose is to draw attention to the best academic work being done in the field, to reward and honor it in appropriate terms, and to publicize the League's support for the original scholarship on which the book trade so much depends. The first ILAB Prize for Bibliography was awarded in 1967 to Jean Peeters-Fontainas, followed by famous scholars like Claus Nissen, Wytze Hellinga, I. C. Koeman, Francois Weil, Gerhard Dünnhaupt, Anthony Hobson, and Lucas Heinrich Wüthrich.

The next prizewinner will be announced in 2014, and submissions of bibliographies or books about books will be accepted until April 2013.  They may be written in any language, but must be have been published between 2009 and 2012.  You may submit your work by sending a single copy to the Prize Secretary Arnoud Gerits (Distelvlinderweg 37 d,  1113 LA Diemen,  Netherlands). Any aspect of bibliography (e.g. enumerative, textual, history of the book, design, binding, book trade, etc.) is admitted.  Manuscripts, catalogues of books intended for sale and translations of works appearing in another language are not eligible.  Any book submitted to the Prize must be a published book and available for sale. For more information, including current submissions, visit the official website