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The following books have been reported missing:

1. Apthorpe, Raymond.  From tribal rule to modern government : the thirteenth conference proceedings of the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute for Social Research / edited with an introduction by Raymond Apthorpe. Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia : Rhodes Livingstone Institute, 1959.
2. Coupland, R.  Kirk on the Zambesi : a chapter of African history / by R. Coupland. London : Oxford University Press, 1928.
3. Cunnison, I. G.  Kinship and local organization on the Luapula : a preliminary account of some aspects of Luapula social organization / by I. Cunnison. Lusaka : Rhodes-Livingstone Instituite, 1950. Communications from the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, No. V.
4. Mackintosh, C.W.  Some pioneer missions of Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland / by C.W. Mackintosh. Northern Rhodesia : the Rhodes-Livingstone Institute, 1950. Occasional papers of the Rhodes-Livingstone Museum no. 8.
5. Norman, L.S.  Nyasaland without prejudice: a balanced, critical review of the country and its peoples / by L.S. Norman, with a foreword by Sir Alfred Sharpe. London : East Africa Ltd., 1934.
6. Posselt, F.W.T.  Fact and fiction: a short account of the natives of Southern Rhodesia / by F.W.T. Posselt, foreword by Sir Herbert Stanley. Bulawayo, Rhodesia : Rhodesian Printing and Pub. Co., 1942. Rev ed.
7. Shepperson, George.  Independent African: John Chilembwe and the origins, setting and significance of the Nyasaland native rising of 1915 / by George Shepperson and Thomas Price. Edinburgh : University Press, 1958.  Encl: card from Shepperson to C.T. Kadzamira; note from publisher; Nyasanet postings re: John Chilembwe
8. Smith, Gordon W.  Malawi past and present: selected papers from the University of Malawi History Conference, 1967 / edited by Gordon W. Smith, Bridglal Pachai, Rodger K. Tangri. Blantyre, Malawi : CLAIM Christian Literature Assoc. in Malawi, 1971.
9. Wood, J.R.T.  The Welensky Papers: a history of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland / by J.R.T. Wood. Durban, South Africa: Graham Publishing, 1983.  Signed copy ; Limited edition  Encl: Two pictures of Brody and Kenneth Kaunda; two pictures of Brody and Banda; a one Kwacha (Malawi) currency note from 1988; a two Kwacha (Zambia) currency note, date unknown; a one hundred Kwacha (Zambia) currency note, date unknown; a letter by Brody concerning Kaunda's signing of the book; a letter by Brody concerning Banda's signing of the book; a Christmas card from Ian MacLeod to H.K. Banda.
10. Young, Cullen.  Notes on the history of the Tumbuka-Kamanga peoples in the northern province of Nyasaland / by Rev. T. Cullen Young. London : Religious Tract Society, 1932.

If you have any information on these items, please contact ABAA Headquarters at or 212.944.8291