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UPDATE: These items were recovered and are no longer missing!

The following items were stolen in Baltimore, MD (Federal Hill area) sometime between Dec. 23-28, 2014:

  • Signed letters, some with gold leaf on the letterhead, from various people in the government all pertaining to the Statue of Liberty and the work that was done;
  • Onion skin paper of carbon copies identifying every item used and the price per unit (e.g., x number of screws at x cents/screw, x feet of x wire at x cents/foot, etc.);
  • A bill introduced to Congress to pay Joseph Sanbach or Joseph Schoenbach the $20,000 that was withheld because the work was completed 24 hours past the contract deadline;
  • Pictures of Joseph Sanbach or Joseph Schoenbach with drawings of the Statue of Liberty;
  • Newspaper articles about the work;
  • Newspaper clipping about Joseph Sanbach or Joseph Schoenbach approaching President Hoover at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC to address his not having been paid.

If you have any information about these items, please contact Helene Goldberg.