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In early April, I posted about an amazing find that member Ken Sanders made at a charity event in Sandy, Utah—a German language Nuremberg Chronicle from 1494.  The owner had no idea what he possessed; it was passed down from a great uncle and has been sitting in his attic for decades, which impacted the condition of the book greatly (only about 1/3 of the full text is present). Despite its condition and the fact that it's not incredibly rare, with an estimated several hundred copies in circulation worldwide, the text is still quite a find and has significance for historians and bibliophiles alike.  Heather O'Donnell, a book buyer at fellow ABAA member firm Bauman Rare Books, commented that the Nuremberg Chronicle is a "landmark of printing" and each individual page  possesses a "genuine value".  Collectors, she says, "see it as a part of western civilization and want to pass it on". Since he 'found' the book in April, Ken says that his shop has been flooded with calls and emails from interested buyers.  It is now on sale at Ken Sanders Rare Books for $35,000.  

500-year-old- book on sale in Utah for $35K