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Designer Nate Burgos has launched an ongoing video project called Rare Book Feast.  In his description of the project, Nate writes: "This series is about the timeless character of books. Their message and what they look like are what is celebrated here. As our culture becomes digital in a lot of ways, it is all the more important (not to mention inviting) to revisit and learn from the early design challenges, creative solutions and general lessons that the “old” print world keeps relevant." The focus of the inaugural video is on “World Geo-Graphic Atlas” (1953) designed by Herbert Bayer with Martin Rosenzweig, Henry Gardiner and Masato Nakagawa.  Without the proper knowledge, I can't determine for myself the 'rarity' of the book (at least in the eyes of our members—help me out in the comments section, ABAA-ers!), but the video is short, informative and well done.  It's a lovely look at the atlas with a specific focus on the elements of design. Although not technically 'in the business' myself, I always have our members' livelihoods in mind, and I think this sort of multimedia 'introduction' to an item is great.  I know it would most likely be a timely and possibly costly procedure, but it may be prove to be a worthwhile way to showcase a high spot in your inventory or to introduce potential buyers to an area of specialization (like pochior, for instance).  

Celebrating Vintage Books: A stunning, $800 Atlas

Rare Book Feast