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ABAA members are not only experts in their fields, but also very involved in scholarship and philanthropy. Here are some of the many ways members have been in the headlines this past month.


New Mark Twain Plagiarism Scandal Exposed

Antiquarian bookseller and scholar Kevin Mac Donnell uncovered unacknowledged copying in a new book about Mark Twain from the Library of Congress. McDonnell identified numerous passages copied from another book on Twain, and other scholars following up on his work have identified further instances.



What Makes Rare Books Rare?

During the recent Boston International Antiquarian Book Fair, members Ken Gloss & Seth Kaller discussed rare books with WGBG.

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PEN America-Fundraising Auction

ABAA members Between the Covers, Aleph-Bet Books, The Captain's Bookshelf, and Jo Ann Reisler, Ltd., contributed to an upcoming auction of very special books to benefit PEN America. ‘First Edition, Second Thoughts’ is a special collection of first and fine editions of significant books which their authors have annotated and marked up to create truly unique artefacts.

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How Paperback Books Helped Win World War II

Member Michael Hackenberg provided some historical perspective for this Wall Street Journal piece on a new book about Armed Services Editions, and how these humble paperbacks brought about a sea-change in post-war publishing.