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David Terry Reports Theft of 3,000+ Books

"I owned a loft in Oakland, California that just sold. This past weekend, I moved all my contents out of the loft, including my lovingly-curated library of 3,000+ architecture books.

Devastatingly, my moving truck filled with all these books has been stolen in Oakland this past Monday (February 29)--and yet to be recovered. Oakland PD says recovery is "unlikely," and that these types of truck-jackings are "epidemic" in the Bay area.

The reason I am writing is so that you may alert your member stores, especially those with a large used book market, to look out for anyone trying to sell a large collection of signed U.S. presidential biographies OR high-end architectural books.

Contact David if you have any questions.

David M. Terry
4471 Dean Martin Drive
The Martin 3302
Las Vegas, Nevada 89103<
510-813-9854, Mobile
866-214-4762, Fax"