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Chicago colleague Larry Van de Carr's 2008 Silver Ford XLT van (with Illinois "environmental" license plates) full of his stock was stolen in Oakland, California.

The inventory is largely rare science fiction (some signed), literature in dust jacket, a smattering of illustrated (Rackham, etc.) some Western Americana. Larry says he often lays descriptions slips into his books or prices near the upper right hand corner of the front free endpaper.

If you are in the Bay Area and are approached under suspicious circumstances and offered material like this PLEASE do all you can to delay and call the police if you have reason to suspect these are Larry's books.

Please contact ABAA Headquarters at or 212.944.8291 or Garrett Scott at if you are offered any items or have any information to provide.

Update: Thanks to the quick thinking of staff at Moe's in Berkeley, one suspect has been apprehended, but only four of the books have been recovered. Please stay alert for these items.