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A package of books has one missing in transit from California to Maine and contained the following items:

(San Francisco) Ladies Aid Society of the Baptist Church. *The Baptist
Church Cook Book*. First Edition. San Francisco: 1910.

(Oakland) *The Ladies' Superior Cook Book*. First Edition. Oakland:
Enquirer Publishing, 1899.

(San Francisco) *Corona Club Cook Book.* Cloth. First Edition. San
Francisco: 1910.

(Los Angeles) *California Congress of Parents and Teachers, Los Angeles
Tenth District: Tested Recipes*. Los Angeles: 1934.

(Kansas) Daughters of the First Presbyterian Church. *Good Things to
Eat.* Salina, KS: Padgett's Printing House, 1922.

(Arizona) *Presbyterian Ladies’ Aid Cook Book.* First Edition. Phoenix:

(Nebraska) *The Loup City Cook Book: A Collection of Tried Recipes,
Compiled by the Ladies of Loup City, for the Benefit of the Baptist
Church.* First Edition. Loup City, NE: Standard Gauge Print, 1909.

(Utah) Pratt, P.P., ed. *Home Economy, Etc.* Second Edition, Revised &
Enlarged. Salt Lake City: P.P. Pratt, 1895.

(Utah) *Recipes Compiled by the Ladies of St. Mark’s Guild 1886, Revised
1909.* Revised Edition. Salt Lake City: Ackerman & Co., 1909.

(Wyoming) Woman’s Club. *Parco Cook Book.*. First Edition. Parco, WY:
Woman’s Club, 1930.

(Colorado) *Choice Recipes Compiled by the Ladies of St. Mark’s Guild.*
First Edition. Victor, CO: Leary-Poole Job Print, c.1900.

(Colorado) Guild of All Saints Mission. *“Columbine”: A Book of Choice
Recipes.* First Edition. Loveland, CO: All Saints Guild, 1905.

(Colorado) *Western Slope Cook Book, Compiled and Published by the
Ladies of the Gypsum Methodist Episcopal Church.* Gypsum, CO: 1912.

Filippini, Alessandro. *100 Choicest Recipes for Cooking*. NY: New York
Sunday Supplement, 1892. Scarce offprint of Delmonico's chef Alessandro
Filippini's recipes, including gumbo with frogs, Hamburg steak with
Russian sauce, suckling pig in apple sauce, etc.

(Colorado) *Good Recipes compiled by the Lydia League of the
Twenty-third Avenue Presbyterian Church.* 127 pp. Denver: c.1900.

(Nevada) Ladies Aid Society of the Methodist Church. *The Lovelock Cook
Book, Containing Tested Recipes by the Ladies of Lovelock.* First
Edition. Lovelock: c.1910.

(Arizona) Woman’s Club. *The Kirkland Cook Book.* First Edition.
Kirkland, AZ: The Woman’s Club, c.1923.

(Boston) *Crumbs of Comfort: A Collection of Tried and True Recipes,
Published by the Ladies of the Housekeepers’ Table, at a fair held in
aid of the First Universalist Church, of Charlestown, Nov. 13, 14, and
15, 1888.* First Edition. Boston: H.E. Browne, 1888.

Drahota, Rudolf. *A Treatise on the Manufacture of Liquors, Syrups,
Cordials and Bitters; including also, Instructions for Making Vinegar,
Cider, Wines, Punch Essences, &c., containing a Large Number of Valuable
Receipes, for Manufacturing all the Most Popular German, French and
American Liquors.*. Seventh Edition, with additions. Philadelphia:
Aschenbach & Miller, 1885.

Parloa, Maria. *An Ideal Kitchen: Miss Parloa's Kitchen Companion. A
Guide for all who would be Good Housekeepers.* Twentieth Edition.
Boston: Estes & Lauriat, 1887.

Parloa, Maria. *Fourth Annual Course of Object Lessons in Cookery before
the Young Women of Lasell Seminary, Auburndale, Mass., by Miss M.
Parloa, of Boston, November, 1880 to April, 1881.* [4] pp. Boston: 1880.
A program of 6 months worth of lessons by Maria Parloa, with reviews by
past students, and ads for future courses on dress cutting and
millinery. Fine, with two (of 20) lessons from *Mrs. Lincoln's Boston
School Kitchen Textrbook* on heavy card stock laid-in.

Rorer, Mrs. Sarah T. *Question and Class Book of the Philadelphia
Cooking School*., 1525 Chestnut Street. Cloth. First Edition.
Philadelphia: George H. Buchanan, 1887.

(Nebraska) *Favorite Recipes of the Ladies’ Aid Society of the Cynthia
Christian Mission of Walnut Hill.* 96 pp. Illus. with numerous ads for
local businesses. Gilt-lettered flexible maroon cloth. Omaha: Reed Job
Printing Co., 1893.

(Pasadena) Yeates, Lilian Lyford. *“I’d Like the Recipe.”*

(Oroville) *Recipes from Me to You.*

(Pomona) *Prize Winning Recipes, Los Angeles County Fair.*

*Ripley’s Sweet Sixteen.*

(Wisconsin) *Heimstreet’s Book of Recipes.* Janesville, WI: 1891.

(Minnesota) *Ascension Church Cook Book.*

(Ohio) Kirkpatrick, Mrs. T.J. *The Housekeepers New Cook Book….* First
Edition. Springfield, OH: Mast, Crowell & Kirkpatrick, 1883. $

(Oakland) Anderson, Eleanor. *Prudence Tested Recipes.*

Plus approximately 20 other charitable or community cookbooks, pre-1920.

If you have  information on any of these items, please contact Don Lindgren at 207-602-6320 or