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Member Chic Goldsmid reports having shipped (USPS, insured) a box of books to the District of Columbia. The box arrived today, having been opened and without the two books below:

RICHARD WILBUR. Anterooms: New Poems and Translations.  Boston: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2010 - Cloth. In jacket. Warm, personal Wilbur inscription to his friend and colleague, Robert Mezey.

ALLEN GINSBERG. Fall of America: Poems of These States 1965-1971.SF: City Lights, (1972).  In original printed paper wrapper. Customer uncertain that it is a first. Apparently also personally inscribed to Mezey and family.

Please contact us or Chic if you know the whereabouts of these items.

Charles Goldsmid: or (909) 625-2543.