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The ABAA has recently admitted three new members, Don Myers, of Pacific Coast Books, Ezra Tishman of Aardvark Books, and Nicole Reiss of Brattle Book Shop.


Full Members:

Don Myers (Pacific Coast Books)

Don Myers established Pacific Coast Books in 2000 and actively sells books at west coast book fairs. In 2009, after a 25 year career serving as Executive Director for  national non- profit organizations, he opened a book store store three blocks from the Pacific Ocean in Lincoln City, Oregon.   

Don’s specialty is Pacific Voyages and Exploration, Zamorano 80 titles along with west coast history. He looks forward to participating in ABAA Book Fairs and issuing several catalogues in the near future when not chasing grandchildren down the beach with his wife Merilee. 


Ezra Tishman (Aardvark Books)

Beset by chronic bibliophilia in his early twenties, Ezra Tishman (aka Ezra The Bookfinder) did not let the ailment take him down. Like so many of his colleagues, he took to selective scouting to feed the insatiable hunger that this ailment exacts from its sufferers. Then, from the parted sky, came the Internet and around 1995, he found himself to be one of a dozen or so booksellers plying their wares online.  A workshop with Dick Weatherford, founder of Interloc, then Alibris, gave him the idea that he could propel the many-month AB booksearch-cycle into the instantaneous future, and he became full-time bookfinder, and bookseller to individuals, universities, museums, corporations, and even booksellers. 

Early on he became active in IOBA, serving briefly as Vice-President, and then as Ethics Chair, and now recently appointed to head up IOBA's Mentorship Program.  In 2009, he founded and still serves as executive director of Books To The People, a 501(c)3 nonprofit which regularly takes to the streets of Eugene, Oregon and surrounding towns in a 47 year old repurposed bookmobile named Gertie, (see or Books To The People on Facebook) and gives good books away for free. But at heart, he is an antiquarian and has made some peace with his acquisitiveness by finding the books, enjoying them for a time, then passing them on, sometimes even managing to make a decent living at it! 

8000 books online, no open shop, and he welcomes bookmen and bookwomen traveling through, (15 minutes from the I-5) who don't mind dogs and disarray. Treasures abound, often in boxes, but at very least, hot tea, a warm fire, shelter from the storm, and oh yes, books!


Associate member:

Nicole Reiss (Brattle Book Shop)

Nicole Reiss is the manager of Brattle Book Shop in Boston, MA, and spends most of her summers on the road buying books. She grew up in Gloucester, MA and spent many summers in Spain, spurring a life-long love of travel and travel literature. A graduate of Boston University, where she majored in Archaeology, Nicole also did some graduate work at Harvard Extension. Having worked at Brattle Book Shop since 1999, Nicole's areas of expertise are art books, travel, and modern literature.