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CABS logoEach summer is an extra treat for the rare book world because of the excellent educational programs provided by Rare Book School and the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar.

RBS Rare Book School offers a number of fascinating courses on an array of trade-related subjects (to name just a few courses from this past summer: Developing Collections: Donors, Libraries & Booksellers; Digitizing the Historical Record; and The Illustrated Scientific Book to 1800). Fondly known as 'Bookseller Boot Camp', for the past 35 years the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar (CABS) has been helping booksellers, librarians, and collectors elevate their knowledge of the trade. (I attended myself last summer and strongly recommend the program. Hopefully I can apply to a course at Rare Book School next summer!)

Below are three links to impressions and reflections from booksellers who attended either Rare Book School or CABS this year.

Travis Low (Ken Sanders Rare Books) on Rare Book School

Margueritte Peterson (Tavistock Books) and Malcolm Moncrief-Spittle (Renaissance Books) on the Colorado Antiquarian Book Seminar

Wish you had attended? Rare Book School is offering two courses this fall in Washington, DC as well as a fresh lineup next summer, and CABS will be back in August 2014. You'll note that all three students attended on scholarships, so make sure to check the RBS and CABS websites for similar opportunities (including scholarships from the ABAA!).