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Seeking Full Time Administrative Assistant for Online Rare Map Gallery

** No Application without a Cover Letter will be considered **

Geographicus is offering an exciting position in the antique business. We are one of the world's most active dealers in rare and antique maps. Geographicus has been in business since 2001 and is today one of the top dealers in authentic antique maps. We also exhibit at rare map and book fairs in Miami, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, London, Paris, and Korea.

The business currently operates out of the ground floor of my Brooklyn townhouse. We do not have a physical gallery/storefront, as most of our business is online or through shows. We currently have 4 employees, including the owner. All three are focused on cataloging/sales. The position we are hiring for is not sales/cataloging, rather it combines support, management, and logistics.


1. Pack and ship all outgoing parcels. Deal with outgoing customs. Track shipped parcels to ensure delivery. Liaise with clients, resolve shipping issues with FedEx / DHL / USPS support.
2. Track, receive, unpack all incoming parcels. Deal with incoming customs documentation. Build positive relationships with carriers.
3. Encapsulate new inventory in mylar, put into storage, and note appropriate locations after the cataloging process.
4. Collect and scan invoices, making sure all are paid in a timely fashion.
5. Liaise with auction houses around the world, deal with payment and arrange shipment of winnings.
6. Manage supply of shipping materials, mylar, cardboard, etc…
7. Regularly, the position will require building custom boxes - which means crawling around on the floor cutting large pieces of cardboard and folding them creatively. Should be willing to get physical and get your hands dirty.
8. We will teach you the basics of restoration as well as slipcase and clamshell box making - meaning you need to be a little crafty and take pride in your creations.
9. You will also support the sales staff by scanning and processing map images using photoshop and our proprietary software.
10. You will learn cataloging by prepping items for listing, including pre-listing to streamline our cataloging system.
11. I travel extensively, while I am away you will be my primary point of contact with the office, communicating and engaging with the sales/cataloging team.
12. From time to time, you may be asked to handle phones while in the office or while I am traveling.
13. You will continue the ongoing task of reviewing old stock and, re-encapsulating it as needed, and more securely storing it.
14. Potentially, handle our Instagram and Facebook feeds.
15. Wear all hats as needed.
16. Keep the office clean and neat, sweep floors daily, take out trash, etc.
17. Deal with customer service and tech support reps if there are issues with our equipment, software, or website.

We hire to our weaknesses, not our strengths. Things in the office tend to get messy and disorganized fast so, your job will be to keep everyone and everything on track, neat, and orderly. This means organization, organization, and more organization. This requires an INHERENT tendency towards neatness, organization, and cleanliness. TO POINT: If you look around your personal space and anything is out of place, then this is not the job for you. If your desk is messy, this is not for you. If you can stand the sight of a drawer not fully closed, or dishes not washed, then this is not the job for you. Etc..

On to qualifications. First, requirements,

1. You need to like maps - really like maps.
2. You need to like history.
3. You cannot do this job without a strong knowledge of geography - you'll be quizzed in the interview.
4. Be a thinker - there is nothing about this work you can do on autopilot. You need to think about everything you do, as you are doing it.
5. The ability to handle, organize, and prioritize chaotic random instructions from me.
6. Please be able to type.
7. High comfort level with computers (we are a Mac-based office) and other tech.
8. Adaptable to new technology.
9. Basic proficiency with Microsoft Word, Spreadsheets, Adobe Photoshop.
10. At least a BA degree from a credible institution.
11. Natural inclination to be obsessively organized and organize everything around you.
12. Can do attitude - the ability to get your hands dirty and do what needs doing.
13. Readiness to take ownership and solve problems as they come up without pushing them onto others.
14. Punctuality - show up on time (10AM to 6PM, M-F).
15. Flexibility and open-mindedness.
16. Ability to legally live and work in the United States.

Not required, but considered a BIG plus

1. Short commute - we don't want you to have to travel too far to get to work.
2. Experience using QuickBooks Online.

This is a permanent long-term position, we are not interested in being a stepping stone. Given that the firm is small and will necessarily always be small (compared to other businesses), the position offers limited upward mobility. That being said, if you show interest and inclination, you may have the opportunity to move into cataloging/sales as we grow - this will not happen in the short term, as we currently have space limitations. While the initial pay is average, as you prove your worth and our revenue grows, we will endeavor to increase your compensation commensurately.

Now, if you've managed to read this far, I hope you don't have the impression that this will be a high-stress workplace. We all have a job to do, but we also like to have fun, joke around, and genuinely like one another. The rare map trade is fun and welcoming. There is potential for paid national and international travel as we do shows, pickup pieces at auctions, and visit auctions / collectors / etc. We all need to feel like we are part of team, building something together, for the benefit of all. We also all love the material we are working with, and are always excited to discover and work with new material as it comes through the door.

You will further have the opportunity to learn all aspects of the antique map trade and antique trade in general. This ranges from buying and selling, to describing stock, to promoting the business, to basic restoration, to sales, to negotiating complex international customs laws.

The position starts with a 1 month paid trial period. After that period, we will talk about the work, your performance, if you like it or not, if we get along, and your options for growth. Should you decide to stay on at this point, we will add you to payroll.

Offered compensation is 52,000 USD / Year - note this is a salaried position, not hourly, so if you work overtime (we don't ask this often), it is inclusive. Pay includes 2 weeks of paid vacation, 5 paid sick/personal days, both annually. Government holidays are handled haphazardly, but generally, we don't observe them with the exception of major holidays like Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, etc… We also pay modest year-end bonuses, depending on performance. This may take the form of additional money, travel bonuses, or other. We do not offer health insurance at this time as we are too small to get a group plan, but we may be able to work something out in the future.

So, how to apply?! Send us an email (info at geographicus dot com) with an attached cover letter, sharing why you think this position is a good fit. Also tell us a little about yourself your goals, passions, and ambitions. Include any pertinent information that may affect your eligibility. The cover letter will also serve as a writing and editing sample, so please put a little energy into it and watch out for grammatical errors. Yes, we want your resume, but in reality, it isn't super important to us, but your personality and character are - so if you want to tell us something, do it in the cover letter. Must be in PDF format, we will not open word documents. The title of the email should be formatted as : [Your Name] - Office Manager Applicant.

Following instructions and reading carefully are important to the position, so any email that does not follow the suggested format will most likely go unread.

**** There is a security animal on the premises. My miniature schnauzer is hypoallergenic and does not shed or bark excessively (unless the UPS man arrives), but you do need to be in the same room with her, so if you fear or hate dogs, this is most likely not a good fit.