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The following books were reported stolen in Lilburn Georgia. It is believed that a number of these books have appeared on eBay for sale. It is believed that these items may have been taken to California for sale.

  • 1st Edition Gone With The Wind
  • Friar Tuck- Robert Alexander Wason
  • John Barley Corn- 1913 Red Hard Cover- Jack London
  • Joan Walsh Anglund- Approximately 7 or 8 most signed by Anglund, owners name as well
  • In The Pink- Mildred Spurrier Topp
  • C Fumagalli La Vita Domestica Esposta 56 VERY RARE PRINTS
  • Fabrri- STILL ARTIST Print Calla LIly Floral Print vivid colors- Many Victorian Women Fainting Spell Prints Vintage Christmas and Valentines Card as well as Calling Cards
  • 1st addition Chicago sculpture book by James Rowdy
  • 1st edition The Godfather by Mario Puzo,
  • Vintage Bobbsey Twins Series, Norman Rockwell, Mark Twain

Please contact the Lilburn Police Department - 770-921-2210 and Detective - with any information.

Case #LP17003932