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A new anthology of Latin American fiction has been printed in a very unique way: publishers used a special ink so that the entire text will fade in two months time. The book, appropriately titled El Libro que No Puede Esperar (The Book That Can't Wait), was produced by Eterna Cadencia, an independent Argentinian publishing house, in conjunction with DraftFCB, an advertising agency. It comes in a sealed package and the ink begins to fade as soon as it makes contact with air  and light, giving the reader eight weeks to read and enjoy the text before it disappears completely. El Libro que No Puede Esperar is a special edition of The Future is Not Ours: New Latin American Literature, an anthology of stories from twenty-three Latin American writers who were born between 1970 and 1980. The aim of the publication, which is expanded upon in the video below, is to motivate people to read the book quickly. More specifically, to read new authors quickly, because "if people don't read their first books, they'll never make it to a second." This is clearly a pretty innovative marketing plan, but the explanation reagrding urgency for new authors is very real. I am intrigued by this concept and want to get my hands on a copy of the book to check it out! The Book That Can't Wait Book with an expiration date El libro que no puede esperar