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This item is still missing as of 5/31/2019.

The following item has been reported stolen:

Title : Handwritten Civil War Diary of Arminius Wesley Bill

Author : (Arminius Wesley Bill)

Date of publication : Sep. 20 1861, to July 20, 1865

Description : The cover reads "Personal history during the Civil War. Arminius Wesley Bill DIARY Sep. 20 1861, to July 20, 1865. Three years and ten months." Also on the cover is a color drawing of two crossed flags and the quote "The flag I love shall float on high, and cover my coffin when I die." The book is heavily annotated with hand-drawn maps and newspaper articles.

Contact : Wendy Connal
Director, Bill Memorial Library
240 Monument St.
Groton, CT 06340
Email :
Phone : 860-445-0392

For full details, please click on the link to the website.