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These items are still missing as of 6/13/2019.

The following books were removed from a dealer’s cases in transit to the 2018 California Book Fair. Please let us know immediately if you are offered these items at or

All are firsts except for the Don Quixote (a second edition).

>> Light in August
>> Generalization of Gravitational Theory
>> This Side of Paradise
>> Casino Royale
>> Don Quixote
>> Candide
>> Principles of Political Economy
>> Origin of Species
>> Reminisces of A Stock Operator
>> The Marne
>> Being and Nothingness
>> Forgotten Village
>> Nobel Lecture by Garcia Marquez
>> General Theory
>> Lolita
>> Capitalism Socialism and Democracy
>> Theory of Moral Sentiments
>> Harry Potter
>> Moonraker
>> Fountainhead
>> Dusklands
>> Hobbit
>> Live and Let Die
>> Giving Tree
>> Theory of Games
>> Wealth of Nations
>> Great Gatsby
>> Locke's Abridgement
>> Essay Concerning Understanding