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While sorting through the returns pile last week, librarians at the Meath County library in Ireland came across a rare book that had been borrowed eighty years ago and never returned.  The book was a pictorial record of the Eucharistic Congress held in Dublin in 1932 (notably, this was only 10 years after Ireland became a free state) and was borrowed from the library just a few months after the event took place, but was never returned. The library lost any record of the original borrower, who had racked up $5,144 in late fees, but with the safe return of the book, the library has decided to waive all fees (not that they would know who to charge!). It will not, however, be available for loan in the future, but will remain in the library's reference collection. The return of the book to its rightful owner is timely considering that the Eucharistic Congress will return to Dublin in two weeks (the Congress in 1932 was the last time the event took place in Ireland).

Book Returned to Library After 80 Years