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The Felpham cottage where Blake resided. (Image via Jackson-Stops & Staff)The Felpham home that William Blake lived in is currently on the market for £650,000 (or approximately $988,000). Blake lived in the charming cottage from 1800-1800 while he worked on several illustration and engraving projects for William Hayley, a popular poet. 

Blake had run into some financial difficulties at the end of the 18th century and began to rely heavily on patrons for his paintings and drawings.  Blake and Hayley made an agreement that Blake would move to Felpham, where Hayley resided, and once there Hayley would hire him for a series of commissions. The arrangement worked for a short time, and Blake enjoyed life on the Sussex coast, writing that Felpham was "the sweetest spot on Earth." However, Hayley and Blake's relationship soured by early 1803. Blake felt that Hayley was more preoccupied with business than Blake's artistic endeavors, and he made plans to move to London. Before he left Felpham, Blake was involved in an altercation with a soldier who accused him of making seditious comments against the king. Though the accusation was consistent with Blake's beliefs, he plead not guilty. Several witnesses testified on Blake's behalf and he was acquitted of the charges.

Whoever purchases the Felpham cottage today will likely have less drama. The house is set in a walled garden and has four bedrooms and two bathrooms. This is the first time the house has been on the market since 1928. It is being offered by real estate firm Jackson-Stops & Staff. Check out the pictures at the link.

William Blake's Cottage for Sale for $970,000
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