The Assize of Bread. Together with sundry good and needfull ordinances for Bakers, Brewers, Inholders, Victualers, Vintners, and Butchers: And also other Assizes in Weights and Measures, which by the Lawes of this Realme, are commanded to bee observed and kept by all manner of Persons, as well within Liberties as without. Whereunto there are also added, sundrie good and needfull Orders, in making and retayling of all kinds of lawfull Breads, vendible vnto His Maiesties Subiects in the Common-wealth, agreeing with the Statutes, Lawes, and Ancient Orders and Customes of this Realme of England...Newly corrected and enlarged from twelve pence the Quarter of Wheate, unto three pound and sixe pence the Quarter, according to the rising and falling of the price thereof in the market by sixe pence altring in every Quarter of Wheate..

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