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LIST 319:  NORTH CAROLINA, Pamphlets, Ephemera, Manuscripts, Photographs 124 items: Among included topics are cities & towns, counties, Civil War, Confederate imprints, Reconstruction, American Revolution, race and racism, education, economics, promotionals, religious organizations, recreation, tourism.
LIST 318: New York Antiquarian Book Fair, 2019—Books, Pamphlets, Manuscripts, Ephemera 99 items — Among many included topics are Americana, African Americana, Angling, Arts, Association Copies, Baseball, Napoleon, Slavery, Travel, Wars & Military.
LIST 317: SALMON FISHING, Books, Pamphlets, Maps, Manuscripts, Photographs 102 books, pamphlets, manuscripts, maps, and photographs about salmon fishing in the United States, Canada and elsewhere, ranging from travel brochures to Sage’s Ristigouche.
LIST 315: CIVIL WAR 286 books, pamphlets, and some manuscripts, primarily from a single, multi-generational family collection. Included are biographies, memoirs, unit histories, naval history, Confederate imprints, Reconstruction, women in the war, and related topics.
LIST 314: GENEALOGY AND FAMILY HISTORY 147 books and pamphlets containing genealogies, family history, and reference techniques for creating a genealogy, and although families in the South predominate, other regions are represented as well.
LIST 313: RARE BOOKS, MANUSCRIPTS & EPHEMERA 122 items, among them African Americana, Civil War, various states & the District of Columbia, exploration and expansion west, maps, photos, literature, association copies, bibliography, sports, extra-illustrated works on William Wirt and Napoleon
LIST 312: English & American Literature, Books about Books, Illustrated Books, the Arts Fine & Decor 227 items, among them art, architecture, binding and other book arts, children's books, Limited Editions Club, music, photography, and a few sports and sciences, by authors from Austen to Yeats, primarily books but also a few signed photographs and letters
LIST 311:  BOOKS ABOUT THE SOUTH 430 books, maps, and pamphlets, concerning such topics as the individual states, African Americans, agriculture, Appalachia, art & architecture, bibliography, economics, food & cookery, industries, law, medicine, music, natives, natural resources, railroads, religion, travel, wars, and women.
LIST 310:  An Autumn Miscellany 153 books, broadsides, ephemera, manuscripts, maps, and pamphlets, concerning Americana, English & American literature, books about books, law, medicine, technology, and travel
LIST 309: SOUTHERN APPALACHIANS 72 books, pamphlets, broadsides, printed ephemera, manuscripts, and photographs concerning the Southern Appalachians, from Maryland and West Virginia south through Georgia — topics include African Americans, Natives, natural resources and mining, tourism, the Civil War, politics, railroads, and development
LIST 307: AFRICAN AMERICANA 151 broadsides, ephemera, manuscripts, posters, maps, books, and pamphlets, concerning African Americans, slavery, abolition, and racism, listed variously by state or topic (Civil War, politics, cinema, theater, and music, for example).
LIST 306: SOUTHERN AMERICANA 122 books, broadsides, ephemera, manuscripts, maps, and pamphlets, concerning the South and its states, cities, locales; people, of indigenous, African, and European heritage; history; law, medicine, business, agriculture; organizations, religious, military, masonic, racist; and wars, the Revolution, the War of 1816, the Civil War and Confederacy.
LIST 305: SPORTING BOOKS & MANUSCRIPTS 110 items including hunting, fishing, mountaineering, golf, baseball, and related bibliographies
LIST 304: A WINTER MISCELLANY 155 items, books, pamphlets, ephemera, and manuscripts concerning North, Central, and South American, English & American literature, travel, fore-edge paintings, and railroads
LIST 303: AMERICANA 224 items, primarily books & pamphlets on African-Americana, Civil War & the Confederacy, the Constitution, Revolutionary America, as well as individual states & regions
LIST 302: South Carolina 135 books, pamphlets, broadsides, and ephemeral items dating from the late 18th century through the 20th, about South Carolina and by South Carolinians -- including its history, culture, and people
List 298: Art, Architecture & Design 203 items featuring books on these subjects, by artists, or containing artworks, photographs, and illustrations; additionally included are decorative arts, catalogues, and ephemera
LIST 297: THE AMERICAN SOUTH 230 items, variously on the southern states and Cuba, African-Americans and slavery, the Civil War, the Confederacy, Reconstruction, the Ku Klux Klan, presidents, railroads, and other topics
LIST 296: Big Game Hunting & Guns Selections from a single collection, featuring hunting in North America and Africa with some in Asia and Europe
LIST 295: A Late Summer Miscellany

Recent acquisitions in many fields and formats, among them regional Americana, African-Americana, Civil War, presidents and politics, literature, aviation, medicine, and travel

List 291: African-Americana

215 items, topics represented include slavery, the fugitive slave law, colonization, racist literature, education and educational institutions, employment and business, religion and churches, fraternal organizations, military service, communism, the civil rights struggle, civil rights organizations, personal recollections and profiles, music, and literature.

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