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E-list #57: New Arrivals This newest list draws heavily from a recent acquisition of art books... paintings, engravings, prints, etchings, woodcuts... ancient and modern
E-list #56 23 recent arrivals and one exciting announcement
E-list #55 Select New Arrivals A varied offering of books, autographs and a print portfolio. Highlights include a family copy of the Oatman captivity narrative, a first edition of Cooper's The Pioneers and several LECs.
E-list #54 Twenty books, fourteen autographs and two pieces of ephemera
E-list #53 Newly catalogued Autographs, Books, Prints and Newspapers
New Arrivals List 52 Thirty-three cherry-picked items from the many new arrivals added recently include a scarce Jane Addams PS and two volumes from the private library of Confederate First Lady Varina Howell Davis
E-list #51: New Arrivals A particularly eclectic gathering of 35 new arrivals, including books on Beowulf, the Canterbury Tales, Hopi Kachinas, Bibles, Linguistics, 20th C Diplomacy . . .
E-list #50 50 items each at $50!
E-list #49 Titles catalogued this month include philosophy, architecture, poetry, military and a smattering of German language books.
E-list #48 Highlights include a hymnal with the first appearance in English of "Silent Night"; a first English dictionary; a Navajo dictionary; Freud examines Da Vinci; a Japan travelogue; a forerunner of gay literature . . .
E-list #47 New Arrivals Thirty-two new items dating from 1889 (The London Charterhouse) to 2006 (John Tyler: The Accidental President).
E-list #46 - December New Arrivals Thirty new items starting with appropriate seasonal selections, followed by uncommon small press titles, author's first books, nice association copies . . . an especially varied list.
E-list #45 A varied list of 31 items featuring numerous books on the Hopi people, plus fine press and poetry.
E-list #44 Twenty-five recently acquired items in books, autographs, prints, original art, maps...
E-list #43 Thirty-two recent arrivals including many books extra-illustrated with appropriate autograph additions in varied subjects: Sports, Civil War, Modern Fiction, Aviation, Illinois, Literature, Western Americana and Poetry.
E-list #42 Select new arrivals in a wide variety of subjects, including Western Americana, Mystery & Detective, Philosophy, Modern Fiction, Children's and Poetry. 27 to choose from!
E-list #41 Original art, a Donald Duck title signed by one of Disney's main animators, lots of Lincoln-related items, several antiquarian volumes, interesting little magazines . . . a truly enjoyable list.
E-list #40 This particularly eclectic list includes a nice assortment of small press titles.
E-list #39 28 new items
E-list #38 New Arrivals
E-list #37 New Arrivals An assortment of new acquisitions, largely books and autographs. Highlights include many titles extra-illustrated with signed cards; photography; baseball; Civil War; modern fiction; film; presidential...
E-list #36: Fifty LECs A nice selection of publications from The Limited Editions Club in a wide variety of subjects.
E-list #35 Selections from the library of Senator Adlai E. Stevenson III (1930-2021) and some new arrivals
E-list #34: 30 Under $300 30 Items Under $300: including some early "green" Lakesides, athlete autographs, the WPA Galena Guide, poetry, a Civil War broadside . . .
E-list #33 An eclectic-as-ever mix of 35 recently-catalogued books and autographs.
E-list #31 Highlights include a WW2 bombers photo archive, a smattering of architectural trade catalogues, and Illinois poets Masters (first edition of first book), Lindsay (personal copy of film criticism title) and extra-illustrated Sandburgs.
E-list #30 Book highlights include a baseball rarity, several Chicago-related titles, much poetry + architecture. Autographs featured in world leaders, exploration, business + military. Several commemorative medallions round out this eclectic list.
E-list #29 A list particularly heavy in Architecture, Medical and Children's books, with a selection of autographs in the fields of Art, Law, Religion and Military.
E-list #28 Select new arrivals
E-list #26 Big Little Books, archives, uncorrected galleys, a Buddhist text leaf written on tree bark, Confederate currency, political buttons, medallions, ribbons . . .
E-list #25 New arrivals include several T.S. Eliot firsts, a few titles from assassinated Romanian critic Ioan Couliano's library, signed firsts from novelist sisters Helen and Olive White, and . . . an anti-temperance watch fob.
E-list #24 Select new arrivals include an early football title with autograph additions, biographies, film autographs, crime fiction, and some beautiful antiquarian volumes
E-list #23: New Arrivals 31 items including a lovely Hans Christian Andersen volume, several titles for fans of Henry Clay, a William Cullen Bryant poetry collection + an ALS, as well as Civil War and Americana
E-list #22: New Arrivals Featuring titles in literary criticism, civil war, travel & exploration, early Lakeside Classics, Oz, biography + military history
E-list #21: New Arrivals 27 newly catalogued items include titles on freemasonry, socialism and civil war.
E-list #20: New Arrivals Our latest e-list includes mystery/detective fiction with killer jacket art.
E-list #19: New Arrivals Colombian gold, a Bette Davis-signed "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?" and a sci-fi master's signed memoir rub shoulders with a Lincoln funeral eulogy, a Klondike Gold Rush classic and a rare signed Warren Buffett how-to in this 35-item new arrivals grab bag.
E-list #18: New Arrivals 33 newly-cataloged items include signed books, autographs, a William Jennings Bryan poster, and a Cheyenne language Mennonite Mission title.
E-list #17: New Arrivals Items recently cataloged include some landmark civil war titles, a Lincoln death bed cdv, an array of Mitchell maps, and a lovely edition of the "International Exhibition at Philadelphia."
E-list #16: New Arrivals A motley array of offerings including Alaska exploration, Illinois histories, New York gangs, a scarce regimental, art, fiction . . .
E-list #15: New Arrivals Highlights include a selection of Smokey Bear items to celebrate his 75th anniversary, Civil War patriotic covers, a lovely Tasha Tudor ALS and signed color print.
E-list #14: New Arrivals A selection of 25 new arrivals includes autographs of astronauts Scott Carpenter, John H. Glenn, Jr., and John Young.
E-list #13: New Arrivals Selections include Douglas Fairbanks, Geoffrey Chaucer, Gene Cernan, James T. Farrell and Theodore Roosevelt.
E-list #12: New Arrivals A nice selection of books on music, Abraham and Mary Lincoln, plus an eclectic array of autographs.
E-list #11: New Arrivals Selections include authors' first books, detective fiction and circus titles.
E-list #10: New Arrivals Civil War, Americana, Literature, Travel, Presidential . . .
E-list #9: New Arrivals An interesting selection heavy on Military History, Abraham Lincoln and some literary finds.
E-List #8: New Arrivals 34 recent acquisitions include a meaty Vietnam War archive of letters, a nice selection of autograph material, medallions, plus an eclectic selection of books.
E-List #7: New Arrivals Highlights include first editions of Remarque ("All Quiet on the Western Front"), Steinbeck ("The Wayward Bus"), Twain ("A Double Barrelled Detective," featuring Sherlock Holmes in the American West), and Jack Dempsey's autobiography, signed.
E-List #6: A December Miscellany Notable recent acquisitions, together with some interesting items you may have missed
E-List #5: New Arrivals Ever wonder how to be a telegraph operator? Wonder no more. These 34 recent acquisitions also include some fine 1920s fiction in dust jackets... some of the best New Yorker graphics ever... and some fine Western Americana including scarce Arthur H. Clark Company and "Western Frontier Library" titles and products from the strange (and strangely prolific) Father Crocchiola.
E-List #4: New Arrivals This eclectic selection includes two 1900 beauties (1st illustrated edition of Westcott's "David Harum" in jacket, 1st of Stratemeyer's "On to Pekin" as fresh as when published) and two pop stars who died young in Texas crashes (Rick Nelson inscribes choice colorized early portrait, Johnny Horton inscribes 45rpm pictorial sleeve).
E-List #3: New Arrivals What do a French socialist, a Spanish classical guitarist, a Declaration of Independence signer and the father of modern philanthropy have in common? All are autograph items in our latest e-list, together with a few mysteries, kids series titles and other books and documents that intrigued us...
E-List #2: New Arrivals Our second e-list has a little bit of this, a little bit of that: Books on Native Americans, the stage, an 1833 broadside from London's Drury Lane Theater, a tiny signed photograph of General Tom Thumb's competitor....
E-List #1: A Selection of New Arrivals Our first e-list of select new arrivals includes a document in which one former slave Underground Railroad leader in St. Louis sends funds to another in New Orleans; Barnaby Conrad's book on bullfighting with his original sketch of a matador; one of few surviving music manuscripts of a "Howdy Doody Show" song; and a letter from 22-year-old Stephen Ambrose in a first edition of the first published title bearing his name.
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