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Catalogue 147: Medicine & Health in American & European Ephemera Catalogue of American and European Ephemera, including trade catalogues and patent medicine.
Catalogue 145: E.F. The Fascist Era in Italy, 1914-1945 Gathering of books and a variety of pamphlets and ephemeral material... sheet music, posters, flyers... representative of propaganda created and distributed during these three decades.
Catalogue 144: Ephemeral Americana Business, Advertising, Trade Catalogues, Education, Women's Culture, Health & Medicine, Amusements & Entertainments.
Catalogue 143: The Spanish Catalogue Announcing my newest catalogue of books and printed ephemera: Catalogue 143, The Spanish Catalogue (376 items). All items from Spain and other Hispanic-speaking countries, in a variety of topics—advertising, business, urban planning, trade catalogue (commercial and retail), women’s health & beauty, medicine, art and amusements, travel, and the Spanish Civil War. With over 100 illustrations, many in color. Descriptions in English.
Catalogue 142: World’s Fairs & International Expositions Catalogue 142, devoted exclusively to Worlds’ Fairs and International Exposition.  This catalogue consists of 590 books, pamphlets, brochures, catalogues, broadsides and other printed matter—issued by exhibiting countries as well as from commercial exhibitors—covering the topic from 1851 (London) to 1970 (Osaka).  Besides examples from major and minor Worlds’ Fairs held in America—for example, the Chicago Fairs of 1893 (Columbian Exposition) and 1933-34 (Century of Progress), the San Francisco Fairs (1915 Panama-Pacific, 1939-40 Golden Gate International), and of course the New York Fair of 1939-40—the catalogue includes hundreds of print items from European expositions, especially the various Parisian expositions (1889, 1900, 1925, 1931, 1937) and the Barcelona Exposition of 1929.   Numerous items from minor worlds’ fairs as well.  The catalogue is available in electronic (low resolution pdf) format, with over 100 illustrations, many in living color. A small number of paper copies are available at $10, ppd; institutions gratis.
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