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Best of 2019 A selection of 101 of this year's best new acquisitions, including: a first edition of Thoreau's Walden; a nice group of 'shoulder strap' memoirs by American Civil War generals; Updike's complete 'Rabbit' series, all first editions in jackets; an 18th century edition of Thomas Paine's Rights of Man; Sigmund Freud's complete psychological writings; a complete 16-volume French translation of De Thou's Histoire Universelle; a first American edition of Dore's Rime of the Ancient Mariner; firsts of White Fang, The Old Man and the Sea, and The Name of the Wind; etc.
Winter 2018 Highlights from recent acquisitions.
Fall 2018 A selection of 158 new acquisitions, including: a first edition of the first Uncle Remus book; a folio edition of The Cooper Vignettes, believed to be the first published book to employ bank note printing techniques; signed first editions by women authors (Byatt, Dillard, etc.); a signed copy of Mary Poppins.
Spring 2018 139 items. Highlights include fine bindings produced by Sangorski & Sutcliffe (including a signed limited edition of Truman Capote's In Cold Blood, collections of works by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ernest Hemingway, J.D. Salinger, Kahlil Gibran, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Ayn Rand, and a group of books about John F. Kennedy); the first two book appearances of Mickey Mouse; a 1657 edition of Plutarch's Morals; two editions of Rockwell Kent's Moby Dick.
Best of 2017 A miscellany of 207 items taken from this year's acquisitions.
Fall 2017 Seasonal miscellany featuring Nicolay & Hay's Lincoln with a signed document by John Hay laid in, a 1701 medical work by Thomas Willis, a strong selection of works by William Osler, military and world history, etc.
Summer 2017 Seasonal miscellany
May 2017 New acquisitions, including the first book appearance of the Star-Spangled Banner, the first American publication on surveying, a signed limited fine press poetry volume featuring signed numbered prints by eight artists, various signed modern first editions, etc.
Spring 2017 Highlights from new acquisitions: first American Through the Looking-Glass; early Frankenstein; many signed first editions.
Italian History & Culture, and the Grand Tour A collection of works spanning several centuries (and languages), depicting the landscape, architecture, art, and social aspects of various regions of Italy.
Best of 2016 A roundup of our favorite acquisitions during 2016.
2016 Fall Highlights New acquisitions: Bradbury firsts; sammelband of early Scottish chapbooks; Harrison Fisher; Edward Parry; signed women authors
Women Authors First editions and signed limited editions by notable women authors of the 20th century.
Aviation 195 items, almost all of which belonged to a collector of WWI & WWII airplane replicas and toys. Includes items focusing on aircraft identification which provide extensive information on characteristics of particular models, often with detailed illustrations.
June 2016 Americana, Border Wars, Civil War, etc.
May 2016 Catalog Aviation, Americana, & Literature
April 2016 Monthly Miscellany Includes: a review of the first freedom of religion case presented before the U.S. Supreme Court, involving a Mormon charged with bigamy; an 1880 publication related to women's suffrage; WWII-era plane identification references; dime novels; 1879 July 4th festival broadside; 1497 incunable leaf; etc.
March 2016 First editions of Thomas Hardy and Jack London, Americana, Books & Printing, Military, Etc.
Medical Sale Discounted prices on nearly 350 titles on clinical & domestic medicine, medical history & biography, botany, homeopathy, quackery, etc.
Presidential Catalog Biographies of, books by, and works related to various Presidents of the United States.
February 2016 Catalog Monthly miscellany featuring Sherlock Holmes material, leather bound Signed First Edition Society, books on books.
January 2016 Catalog Signed limited first editions, deluxe signed/limited/numbered Easton Press, literary and historical works.
December 2015 Catalog Americana, literature, juvenile & mystery fiction, military, and religious works.
November 2015 Catalog First editions of Catch-22 and 1984; limited edition of The Picture of Dorian Gray signed by illustrator (Majeska); first edition of Confederate VP's account of the American Civil War; Oz books (incl. first edition of Emerald City); etc.
October 2015 Catalog Monthly miscellany of literature, history, and illustrated works. Includes: two 'shoulder strap edition' Civil War memoirs; scarce 1931 facsimile of the extremely rare 1832 transatlantic journal kept by the designer of the Brooklyn Bridge; pair of business guides marketed by a tax evader with ties to Al Capone; work by the founder of the Hippie commune known as The Farm; guide to various religions written by a cousin of John Adams, with a subscribers list including him and other important American figures following text.
Shakers and Communitarians Works by and about Shakers and other utopian and communitarian groups.
Early Imprints Printed works produced from the 17th to the 19th century
September New Acquisitions Miscellany featuring: two early abolitionist publications; an 1819 American travelogue, including accounts of the Missouri and North-West territories; a first edition of Shackleton's The Heart of the Antarctic; the first illustrated edition of Cather's Death Comes for the Archbishop; a (twice) signed copy of John Burroughs's The Summit of the Years; an archive of Edgar Rice Burroughs fanzines; three American spiritualist works, including a first American edition of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Edge of the Unknown.
August 2015 Catalog Our monthly miscellany featuring:
- A biography by Edward Ellsberg which includes a 1958 ALS reviewing Orwell's 1984
- over five dozen Edgar Rice Burroughs titles, many in jacket;
- New York history
- early imprints
- collectible editions of Baum, Perrault, Browning
- Gertrude Stein
- signed Edward Gorey
American History - Large Subject List Nearly 900 titles, divided into the following sub-categories: general Americana; American architecture; bibliography; civil rights & African American culture; colonial history; commerce; disasters; early exploration; biographies of famous Americans; the gold rush (California and Klondike); journalism; labor; language; literature; maps/atlases; military; missionaries; Mormonism; Native Americans; natural history; the Old West; pirates & piracy; political science; Quakers; state histories; U.S. presidents; Wall Street; whaling; women's studies; and the World's Fair.
July 2015 Catalog Short miscellany - Photoplay Sherlock Holmes in jacket, literature, history, etc.
May 2015 Catalog monthly miscellany
Seashells Books and prints related to shell collecting, conchology, and malacology.
April 2015 monthly miscellany
March 2015 Catalog A miscellany featuring Dore's edition of Coleridge's Ancient Mariner; an 1849 salesman's dummy with numerous pages of manuscript poetry in the blanks; a Gettysburg veteran's personal engineering guide; an 1861 abolitionist newspaper; a 1929 book on anarchy by Emma Goldman's lover, in the scarce jacket; an early 20th century wrestling guide; etc.
February 2015 American History (mostly colonial U.S., some Canadian)
Vintage Juvenile
Literature & Poetry
Art & Photography
January 2015 Highlights Assorted literature, ephemera, juvenilia, fiction, and historical items.
Best of 2014 Highlights from our acquisitions throughout the year.
October 2014 - Colonial Americana, etc. Over 100 colonial American history items, plus about 50 other titles, including several on witchcraft.
100 Medical Items A collection of medical history, domestic & popular medicine, and medical biography.
Fall 2014 A miscellany of about 130 items, featuring:
- 86 medical titles;
- impressive collection of Disney material
- early Oz first edition
- early 19th century Universalist imprints
- two signed Beat items, one with an unpublished photo of Ginsberg
- three Spiritualist imprints
Summer 2014 Colonial and state histories (including the first historical work on the country as a whole, and biographies of original settlers), presidential biographies, two 19th century nursing titles (one of which is signed association copy), and a miscellany of other interesting material.
Polar Voyages Accounts of Arctic & Antarctic expeditions, exploration in search of a Northwest Passage, and scientific research studies in polar regions.
Colonial Americana Forty titles pertaining to the early history of the American colonies, including four 18th century imprints, and several works printed from colonial manuscripts.
Best of 2013 A roundup of 100 of our favorite titles acquired during 2013.
Trade Bindings A selection of over five dozen trade bindings, mainly late 19th and early 20th century.
World War I A catalog representing a portion of a very large collection acquired in March 2012.
American Civil War A selection of works on the American Civil War, many from the Confederate perspective.
Sheet Music short list A collection of World War I era sheet music.
Catalog 1 Our first print catalog, released in December 2011.
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