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One-Sixteen A biblio murder mystery by Rick Grunder, just published. "The Slyde household was often clean, but it lay in constant disarray from old books bulging from every shelf, and letters hiding in many drawers - treasures generally lost, temporarily, in unaccounted places." (p. 14)

Available in hardcover with dust jacket (549 pages), softcover, and eBook.

“I am having SUCH a good time reading 116!!! . . . The plot is definitely thickening - you are terrific!” Diane DeBlois, editor, The Ephemera Journal.

“It’s wonderful to be able to enter the world that you’ve created.” Joel Silver, Director, Lilly Library.

“I REALLY enjoyed it! . . . your character development was great, and there were some truly wonderful turns of phrase.” Christian Goodwillie, Director and Curator of Special Collections, Hamilton College, Burke Library; Associate Editor, Richard W. Couper Press.

Recent Catalogs

Mormon List 81 Catalog of books, manuscripts and ephemera relating to the Mormons and early Mormon origins, 1700s-1929. 71 pages; numerous color illustrations. $150 - $7.5M.