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Benjamin Harrison, Maintains He Is More Heart-broken by the Death of His Wife Than by Losing the 1892 Presidential Election, Says He Might Not Have Been Able to Stand the Stress of Reelection “The result is more surprising to the victors than to me” and the death of his wife to the Chairman of the New York Republican Committee who had contributed much to the success of the Harrison ticket in his state in the 1888 election...Indeed, after t
President Jimmy Carter Calls the United Nations “An institution that I see as one of the main supports of American foreign policy.” He writes Henry Ford II, head of Ford Motor Company, who he had appointed to be US National Chairman for United Nations Day in 1977
Clara Barton’s Hand-written Report on the Sixth International Conference of the Red Cross, Held in Vienna in 1897 She states: The Red Cross is the “one universal emblem of humanity”
Battle for Legacy: War of 1812 Negotiator Jonathan Russell Enlists William H. Crawford In His Heart-felt Defense Against Attacks by John Quincy Adams He requires “evidence to remove, at once, most of the gross misrepresentation and illiberal insinuations of Mr. Adams in the late undignified and malignant remarks”
General Washington Writes One of His First Spymasters, Freeing Among the Final Senior British POWs, Thus Ending the Asgill Affair, Which Threatened to Divide Americans, & Derail the Paris Peace Talks General George Washington orders the release of British Captain John Schaack, who was a surrogate for Captain Charles Asgill and under threat of a retaliatory execution