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Catalog 63, Summer 2018

By E.M. Maurice Books

Catalog 63, Summer 2018 Catalog 63 is filled with ALL NEW ARRIVALS! We present 200 items that we've acquired over the past few months including a first edition of Dr. Seuss' landmark book The Cat in the Hat as well as The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. We also found an early Sendak title we've never seen before, Circus Girl; it is a first edition and it's in beautiful condition. There are so many illustrated editions of Robert Louis Stevenson's Child's Garden of Verses and we had a nice group of them come in, see items 178-184. An uncommon Charles Robinson illustrated title came through our doors, Doris and David All Alone by Elizabeth Marc aka Princess Nusrat, and it retains its original dust jacket! We haven't seen a copy of Tomie De Paola's Strega Nona in years, but now we have a first edition, see item 42. A first edition of our favorite Louis Slobodkin title made its way onto our shelves, The Little Mermaid Who Could Not Sing; it's amusing, fun and teaches a valuable lesson and the illustrations are just perfect. Lastly, we stumbled on a nice copy of the Edith Wharton & Maxfield Parrish masterpiece, Italian Gardens and Their Villas, a first edition from 1904. Frankly, we're tickled. Thank you for taking the time to look at our catalog.

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199: Fore-edge Painting [91 specimens]

By Jeff Weber Rare Books

199: Fore-edge Painting [91 specimens] 91 fore-edge paintings offered: 3 by Clare Brooksbank, 2 by Margaret Costa, 1 Ms. C. B. Currie, 2 by Syd Dearden, 3 previously owned by Estelle Doheny, 14 double fore-edges, 10 painted by the 'Dover' Painter (Marks & Co.), 9 by Martin Frost, 17 painted by/for Harrington's, 1 by Helen Haywood, 1 by William Luker, 9 by Don Noble, 15 signed fore-edges, 4 by S.E. Stevens, and many more.

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Alphabetically Speaking

By Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers, LLC

Alphabetically Speaking Book artists' and letterpress printers create ABC books on a wide variety of subjects - A to Z about boys and girls, letterpress printing, lichencounters and a simple calligraphy alphabet.

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By Jeff Weber Rare Books

198: AFRICA 66 books from the 18th through 20th centuries, including Sir Samuel Baker, Sir Richard Burton, Thomas Buxton, Verney Cameron, Rev. John Campbell, Roualeyn Cumming, Damberger's Travels (1801), Dixon Denham's Narrative of Travels (1828), George Dow, Joseph Freeman on Madagascar (1840), Nathaniel Hawthorne edited the work of Horatio Bridge, Journal of an African Cruiser (1845), George Anson Jackson, Algiers (1817), The Life of Livingston, by John G. Murdoch, etc., Many extraordinary illustrations, color plates, etc.

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197: THE LITERATURE OF LETTERS & LEISURE: Writings by & about A. Edward Newton - Rudyard Kipling ...

By Jeff Weber Rare Books

197: THE LITERATURE OF LETTERS & LEISURE: Writings by & about A. Edward Newton - Rudyard Kipling ... 74 books mostly relating to the literature of book collecting, printing history and books by or about A. Edward Newton, Rudyard Kipling, H. L. Mencken. Other contents: Mary Austin, The Land of Little Rain, Luciano CANFORA, The Vanished Library, Grolier Club, Robert Frost and the Lawrence, Massachusetts, ‘High School Bulletin’, Robert Frost: His ‘American Send-off’—1915, The Engraved Bookplates of Eric Gill, 1908-1940, Kipling, The Brushwood Boy, Knight, Women who Love Books Too Much: Bibliophiles, Bluestockings & Prolific Pens, Princeton Univ., Fine Bindings Gothic to Modern, Franklin Benjamin SANBORN, The Personality of Emerson, and more.

How to request a print version: Write to Jeff Weber Rare Books: 1815 Oak Ave., Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA 92008 USA

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