Learn about the California Autograph Law

In 2016, the state of California passed AB 1570, a law pertaining to the sale of autograph material. The law went into effect on January 1, 2017. Our members and colleagues in the rare book trade sincerely appreciate the efforts of the California State Legislature to safeguard consumers. Unfortunately, the unintentionally broad scope of AB 1570 actually threatens to undermine rights, protections, and legitimate commerce of both consumers and businesses, both within and beyond California. 

The Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America is proud to sponsor Assembly Member Todd Gloria and David Chiu's Assembly Bill 228 to mitigate the law's unintended consequences. The bill has been formally endorsed by The Independent Online Booksellers Association (IOBA), The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, PBA Auction Galleries, The Manuscript Society, The Ephemera Society, The Northern California Independent Booksellers' Association, The Professional Autograph Dealers Association, Horror Writers Assocation, Biblio and The Easton Press.

ABAA Member Brad Johnson created a petition to get the law changed. You can read it or add your name here. Read Assemblymember Todd Gloria's Press Release on the legislation here. He can be contacted at P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0078.