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Welcome to the new ABAA website. We hope you'll find it an exciting place to explore rare books, find items to purchase, and meet some of the best booksellers in the US. The site is packed with new features and possibilities. Many of these features are there to emphasize the individual booksellers, all of whom are members of the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America and are held to the strict standards of the ABAA Code of Ethics. Throughout the site, the booksellers are front and center, giving you more information about the seller on the item pages, more details on the bookseller pages, and a richer sense of what booksellers are up to on the blog and through various social media.

The ABAA blog is brand new as well, now called The New Antiquarian, and featuring multiple contributors. Booksellers have richly different backgrounds and knowledge, so it only makes sense that we would want more than a single point of view on the new blog. We start with a number of booksellers who have proven themselves as interesting and engaging bloggers, but you can expect more voices in the future, and guest blogs from people outside of the ABAA, including Special Collections Librarians, book arts craftsmen, private collectors and more. 

While we've worked hard to create the best site we can, inevitably there will be a few bugs, so if you find one, please report it to the email address below.

If you haven't already, we hope you will create a user account, so it will be easier to make purchases, keep a want list, and receive news about upcoming events. 

Thanks for checking out the new ABAA website and for your interest in the world of Antiquarian Books. 

Don Lindgren
Chair, ABAA Internet Committee